Strings and sealing wax

It feels a little weird to sit down and write things about Tempest’s life and challenges now that she seems to be in the midst of her pre-teen years. There’s been a major change in her personality over the last six or eight months, and it’s like she’s aged five … Continue Reading →

Overdue and rather inadequate

Eventually I’ll learn to journal regularly again. One part busy, one part embarrassed (for not writing enough), one part forget and one part lazy. The last month has been a ridiculous amount of medical crap, even for our family. When you live with any chronic illness or disability, medical crap … Continue Reading →

Finding the mojo

Zephyra has developed this quirk in her language where her standard response to things is “What”. This is way, way more annoying than it sounds. I have no way of knowing if she’s actually asking “What?” or confusing it with another question like, “Why?” or is simply making some sort … Continue Reading →

Holidaze ’13

  Holiday season ’13 is officially done. It was an unexpectedly awesome season this year but holy crap there was just so much. So much. From the first night of Yule straight on until several days from now kind of felt like listening to 10 songs all at once while … Continue Reading →

Birthday baby

Two years ago the clock flipped over to 12:00am on June the 2nd while Curtis and I were laying in bed watching anime, and just like that my four days worth of prodromal labour shifted with a single, strange contraction. “Did you seriously just go into labour?” Curtis joked, remarking … Continue Reading →

Photography post: Easter weekend, and kid updates

OMG KID UPDATEZ. Everyone asks for them, and then I keep not doing them. Because, life. Z is acquiring language at an alarming rate. She’s passed through the “Dardo is everything” stage and has entered the “No is everything” stage, which is equally as fun. Sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm. She says … Continue Reading →

Apparently Mac isn’t just superior in overall stability and virus-prevention, but also in its resurrection abilities. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, Z spilled a cup of coffee on my Macbook pro (which wasn’t even finished being paid off) and it died. I brought it back to Futureshop where I’d … Continue Reading →

If only every holiday season were as quiet as this one

Last Monday we had a major scare shortly after the elders came home from school: Zephyra managed to get into Tempest’s medication, and swallowed some. Tempest usually takes medication twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. She has a little pill organizer that holds a … Continue Reading →

Gimp travel

Holy crap this entry is late. While I was trying to get this done our entire family got sick, one by one, and then got better. Marika’s ex boyfriend and Taliah’s father got fall down drunk and broke into our house at 3:30am and literally broke off part of our … Continue Reading →

I originally wrote this on the 2nd of November, but then shit happened and I didn’t get back to it for a while. It’s been an extremely stressful crappy week or so, with the hacking shit, then Krazy went on another Krazy spree on Hallowe’en night because, you know, why … Continue Reading →