The evolution of blog

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since ’99, and began my journey on a site almost no one has ever heard of called [ Open Diary ]. In fact a mirror of my blog still exists there today, and continues to be updated because I can’t bring myself … Continue Reading →

There’s a million uncut photos and I don’t even care

There’s some weird error on Dreamhost account right now where my webhosting freaked out after 5 days instead of 60 and stopped access to my account, it’s been fixed now but will take like another 6-12 hours before it resets so until then all my photos are broken. 🙁 I’ve … Continue Reading →

I have the most miserable fucking head cold right now. One that can only be treated with excessive amounts of oxycodone and cheap tequila. It is 2:30am and I’m awake sniffling to myself, creaking and watching Bad Lip Reading on YouTube (which you should really check out, just sayin’) First … Continue Reading →

(I’ll get back on track in a minute, but I wanted to have this side rant about birth in our culture and how fucked up it is. While not really about my SIL, it’s certainly inspired by it). Cesarean is to birth options as thin is to beauty standards. Favored, … Continue Reading →

I’ll get back to my exciting life soon, I swear, but for now I really want to rant about a subject close to my heart: poverty and class politics. Recently I’ve seen this little gem floating around Facebook: “Pictured is a young physician by the name of Dr. Roger Starner … Continue Reading →


I subscribe to these awesome guys on YouTube called the Vlog Brothers and get their channel updates in my inbox once or twice a week. I was very busy over the last week, so I didn’t get a chance to watch their latest stuff until the other day. Upon seeing … Continue Reading →


  • By Babyslime
  • 1 June, 2010
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