The necessity of compassion

I had two hospital calls back to back a few weeks ago, and they were dramatically different in how the staff handled the cases, even though the calls were less than 24 hours apart. Before I get into it, it might help to get some context on why I say … Continue Reading →

Every time I open up a notepad to write I feel like we’re at this awkward dry spell in our relationship where I’m trying to initiate sex after like three months of virtually no contact and can’t remember how to seduce someone anymore. Except instead of a person I’m trying … Continue Reading →

Childhood mental illness, and you.

I woke up to this amazing meme on my Facebook page, posted by Brother’s Wife. Don’t medicate kids for being kids because kids never experience mental illness and any problems they have are probably just their magical spirits shining through hooray! I hate shit like this, I really do, but … Continue Reading →

The evolution of blog

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since ’99, and began my journey on a site almost no one has ever heard of called [ Open Diary ]. In fact a mirror of my blog still exists there today, and continues to be updated because I can’t bring myself … Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This is a bit of a random stream of consciousness, and I’ve gone back through it a few times in hopes I’ve tied my thoughts together appropriately, but there is always a chance I haven’t and something has been said that was inappropriate. Do not be afraid to tell … Continue Reading →

I have a toddler now. There’s no going back: that’s it, I’ve somehow been present for and completely missed her babyhood. I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m positive I’ve not been paying enough attention because I really do not remember her suddenly becoming this big and old and … Continue Reading →

Sexism in action: children’s edition!

I put this on Tumblr as well, and I usually don’t go for the short and sweet here, but what the hell. So familiar followers know my kids and my family and the kind of place I live, but in case you aren’t a regular reader I’ll give basic explanations. … Continue Reading →

What is a ‘shitty’ mother? What makes a bad parent in your eyes? Is it someone who doesn’t breastfeed? Someone who yells at their kids? Someone who hits their kids? Someone who won’t even have kids? Someone who has children while poor, or disabled, or mentally ill, or Atheist, or … Continue Reading →

I have been pregnant three other times; I have carried a nearly 10lb baby three weeks overdue, I have had a posterior breech labour with a spine sitting hard on my tailbone, I have endured 44 hours of hard labour and over 70 hours awake without food while I did … Continue Reading →

This is how I spent my Mother’s Day afternoon: My birthday was on the 6th and Curtis treated me to a sushi dinner at my favourite restaurant while my mom watched the kids. When we came home two hours later we returned to find that Xan had conspired with Tempest … Continue Reading →