Give a little, take a little

Tempest has been having these wild mood swings lately that are as exhausting as they are frustrating. When she’s in the midst she’s red-faced, squalling and hollering at the top of her lungs like she’s 3 years old again and just wants to hear herself scream. I’m left rather baffled … Continue Reading →

We have a new baby!

Marika’s baby girl, still unnamed as of yet, was born (vaginally, in hospital) at 2:42pm on September 17th after almost 18 hours of extremely, extremely difficult labour. She was the most incredible birthing warrior, and I cried so hard I’m still dealing with the headache. Baby is big, FAT, hairy … Continue Reading →

The rules of baby clothes

I will never understand the selling of used baby clothes as a regular thing. I totally get it if you’re in need of money and have friends/others who want to help you out, that makes total sense… but as a regular thing? Like a, “my friend is having a baby, … Continue Reading →

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? That post very quickly spiraled from, "Wow you have so much determination, that's awesome that you worked so hard!" to, "Here's a list of things I know you spent money on, you have fucked up priorities if you can't beg for money/spend/sell your possessions … Continue Reading →

Zephyra’s Birth Video

A non-graphic video of my second home VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) to a baby girl, born June 2nd 2011 at 7lbs 14oz and 21″ long. 🙂 Contains a bit of nudity, but nothing graphic and no crowning shots. A bum crack and some boob but that’s about it! So … Continue Reading →

My computer’s power cord is malfunctioning. Again. Fuck. I do not understand why I keep going through them so fast. I don’t yank them around, I don’t store them poorly… I keep the computer plugged in nearly 24/7 and I know dozens of others who do the same who have … Continue Reading →

I figure it’s probably better to post these as I go rather than wait until everything is all done, which could take a week, right? This is a video that my doula took of Xan and Tempest helping the midwife cut Zephyra’s cord about two hours after she was born. … Continue Reading →

Thought of the moment: I’ve been sickish the last few days with a clogged nose and a sore throat. You know what I DIDN’T need to clear my sinuses? Projectile vomiting grapefruit juice through them for a half hour straight. I can breathe easy now, but I can smell only … Continue Reading →

The adults version of the Formspring Q&A video is now up. It took me forever and a half to edit the damn thing due to iMovie crashing every five seconds, but I managed to finish it last night and it spent ALL FREAKING NIGHT encoding (“380 minutes”, it said) and … Continue Reading →