Strings and sealing wax

It feels a little weird to sit down and write things about Tempest’s life and challenges now that she seems to be in the midst of her pre-teen years. There’s been a major change in her personality over the last six or eight months, and it’s like she’s aged five … Continue Reading →

Wherefore art thou

It’s been a very stressful… while. Everything just sorts of blends together, and after a while the constant state of anxiety starts to feel so normal that I forget when it started, or what started it… everything just feels fucked up in one way or another. While I was in … Continue Reading →

Holidaze ’13

  Holiday season ’13 is officially done. It was an unexpectedly awesome season this year but holy crap there was just so much. So much. From the first night of Yule straight on until several days from now kind of felt like listening to 10 songs all at once while … Continue Reading →

Lonely housewives. Not as fun as advertised.

I love my father, I really do. He’s kind and he’s intelligent and he’s funny and I love him. But sometimes he’s such a fucking idiot that it makes me want to scream. Sometimes I wish he would listen to me on occasion, but I fear my words hold no … Continue Reading →

Social shut down

Tempest’s birthday party was last Sunday and literally one kid came. Almost all of my adult friends who were invited came and hung out, at least, but when it comes to kids birthday parties everyone knows that doesn’t really ‘count’ quite the same way (sorry guys, I love you but … Continue Reading →

I’m putting this in another entry because I can’t find a good segue between this, and everything with it, into like… stuff about my kids. It just doesn’t sound right all together and I want to vent some of this publicly anyway.

Of poetry and deeper meanings

So I finished reading my preordered, signed copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” by one half of the [ Vlogbrother’s ] duo John Green. People have been making these brilliantly stupid fan art pieces of God himself holding up the book, partly in jest but I suspect at least … Continue Reading →


There is a lot of snow outside. School closed today, as did Curtis’ work. No one wants to be driving around today. I got out of the habit of regular journaling while pregnant with Z and feeling so sick. I think there were just too many days that were spent … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on sex: education, ideas, bias and parenting.

I’ve had quite a few sleepless nights lately, including this one, not so much due to Zephyra as my own issues. I’ve had a lot of muscle pain, and it seriously interferes with my ability to lay down and rest… so instead of doing work or something else productive, I … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on pain and addiction

My mother and I have the same disease: [ ankylosing ] [ spondylitis ]. I inherited it from her, and she likely inherited it from her mother although she was never diagnosed as anything other than, “Crippled”. We both test positive for the HLA-B27 antigen which is present in up … Continue Reading →