I’ve decided I’m going to make a new “of the day”-style feature called “Adventures in hyperemesis” in attempt to make light of what is otherwise one of the single most miserable experiences of my life. Because really? This sucks so hard. I spent hours and hours last night on the … Continue Reading →

Thought of the moment: I’ve been sickish the last few days with a clogged nose and a sore throat. You know what I DIDN’T need to clear my sinuses? Projectile vomiting grapefruit juice through them for a half hour straight. I can breathe easy now, but I can smell only … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on weakness, self-expression, toxic friendships, and healthy methods of balancing the unique needs of raising my sister: Writing hasn’t come easily for the last few weeks; I spent a great deal of that time in a state of near constant anxiety and depression over my relationship with my sister. … Continue Reading →

Today I was banned from Mothering for telling someone that I thought it was against the rules to link to your professional photography (something I was issued a ‘warning’ for earlier this year when I actually just linked to images of my own kids). Anyway, I let someone know she … Continue Reading →

Quote of the day that deserves it’s own entry: There was a lot of Krazy drama this weekend, but now Marika’s back and we can go back to normal for a few more weeks. There was a huge fight that was apparently so bad no one will talk about it, … Continue Reading →

… So like I was saying, I’m an auntie! Sophia Katherine was born on October 18th, at 12:29pm weighing 7lbs 8oz. In these images she’s four hours old.

I really want to feel like my brother and I are making significant progress in our relationship. I try to move past some of the very painful memories of past problems, but I find it more and more difficult to leave some of those little, biting comments behind. Things like … Continue Reading →

This evening at the grocery store we realized that, as a result of our child spacing, we’ll be feeding 1-2 teenagers in our house for 18 continuous years. (Not including the years we’re doing so now). This parenting thing is an expensive lifestyle. Pregnant. PREGNANT. I really do not feel … Continue Reading →

My entries are becoming increasingly out of sorts as I slip further into insomnia-induced dementia, so until I get a few really good sleeps this is probably going to continue. The other night I finally made use of all those suggestions I received on a blog entry asking about point … Continue Reading →


I subscribe to these awesome guys on YouTube called the Vlog Brothers and get their channel updates in my inbox once or twice a week. I was very busy over the last week, so I didn’t get a chance to watch their latest stuff until the other day. Upon seeing … Continue Reading →