The holidays have never been my strong point, and I tend to sort of absorb into myself to get through the month. The last few years have actually been mildly improved over previous ones. Okay, maybe significantly improved if I really think about it. There was once a time when … Continue Reading →

Little lights

As I was walking Xan home from school yesterday, I told him that later that evening we’d be baking a cake for Zephyra’s birthday. “We will? Can I help?” “Of course. I’ll need both you and Tempest’s help. We just need to decide what kind of cake to bake her.” … Continue Reading →

Moving on

Tempest has this knack of hiding laundry when her chore is folding. Every so often we’ll find this little stash of socks, clean diapers and pants stuffed in a corner somewhere, or just shoved back into the dirty clothes so she can avoid doing it. Every time this happens we … Continue Reading →

Too fast

This is my attempt to post more often when I have stories to tell, instead of going by my more recent habit of trying to wait until I feel like I can sit and craft an entry that’s far more interesting. I would rather just write as things come, because … Continue Reading →

Social shut down

Tempest’s birthday party was last Sunday and literally one kid came. Almost all of my adult friends who were invited came and hung out, at least, but when it comes to kids birthday parties everyone knows that doesn’t really ‘count’ quite the same way (sorry guys, I love you but … Continue Reading →

It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s more like I can’t find the time to sit down and form everything together. Lots of little things happen that I want to write about, but I think to myself, “That’s too small and insignificant” and forget it. I seem to … Continue Reading →

This is a quick share because I have no time to write anything big right now. Baby has five teeth and is almost walking. We are exhausted. We’ve taken to sending dirty texts to each other while Curtis is coming home from work (he bikes, and texts while pulled over … Continue Reading →

My mom, for some reason, picked up this antique mirror that she saw at a garage sale some weeks ago. It’s like six feet tall and only cost about $10. She has a thing for big old mirrors. Anyway, we have nowhere to put it so it’s been sitting against … Continue Reading →

I need to just commit to sitting down and writing more. Zephyra had her last at-home OT appointment this Wednesday with her speech pathologist and it went amazingly. She’s made so much progress in the last few months, it’s really incredible. At this point she has normal speech and oral … Continue Reading →

Dream Diary: I had a dream we were living in some sort of run down apartment building rather than our current, much nicer home. It was filthy, loud, cramped and situated in the middle of what appeared to be the projects of a city I was completely unfamiliar with. Everything … Continue Reading →