Picture post

Random photos from the while, I lost count of which photos were what days.

I’ve made up a few jars of yam and avocado baby mush and put them in the fridge. Every time I bring them out Xan starts sucking on his tongue and making the ‘gimmie gimmie’ motions. Last night while Curtis was putting away groceries he left the fridge open momentarily … Continue Reading →

Ass was over today with the construction crew, ripping up the porch. In the morning Curtis asked the crew where they were planning on putting the debris, and they said they’d planned on taking it away. In the afternoon we watched Ass moving the debris to the backyard and asked … Continue Reading →

Dream diary:

“Mommy,” says Tempest from behind me. “Nanny says I need a bath.” I turn around to see this for myself. She is absolutely filthy. I couldn’t help but shout, “Oh my god! What happened to you?!” She grins evilly and simply answers: “Dirt.”

I accidentally posted this half-finished earlier, so if anyone saw it for the thirty seconds it was up, this is the real entry.

365 for June 20th: Tempest has begun flower arranging. She made up this one yesterday. It’s beginning to wilt, but it till looks lovely. I think she has talent. This isn’t the best she’s done recently, but I like it.