I need to just commit to sitting down and writing more. Zephyra had her last at-home OT appointment this Wednesday with her speech pathologist and it went amazingly. She’s made so much progress in the last few months, it’s really incredible. At this point she has normal speech and oral … Continue Reading →

I spend a lot more time micro-blogging on [ Tumblr ] than I do concocting large, interesting entries for LJ. Things are always so busy and I still haven’t mastered the organizational skills necessary for being able to multi-task to the degree I want to. It’s probably a good thing … Continue Reading →

Three backlogged sessions: a large family, a wedding, and a surprise! shoot. There’s a fuckton of pictures in here, but they’re awesome so you should look.

This evening at the grocery store we realized that, as a result of our child spacing, we’ll be feeding 1-2 teenagers in our house for 18 continuous years. (Not including the years we’re doing so now). This parenting thing is an expensive lifestyle. Pregnant. PREGNANT. I really do not feel … Continue Reading →

Behold, I finally got some real work done and finished my favourites from Marian and Kyla’s wedding last month. Lots and lots of photos within.

First off: those invasion-of-privacy ticky boxes on LJ’s comment leaving things now… do you really want people to be cross-posting their replies to your entries (even friends locked ones, apparently) onto others’ Facebooks? I got this from jenrose 1. Be using Firefox. 2. Go here and install this addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748/ … Continue Reading →

Two of my favourite people were married yesterday. Watching them love each other is pure joy. I am so happy for them I could burst. More photos will come eventually, I have to pace myself and get through the other work I have queued before I start on their wedding … Continue Reading →

Curtis has decided he really wants to get an idiot-proof point and shoot camera so he can take more photos of the kids and/or me/us without feeling overwhelmed and terrified. My camera is like a glass butterfly to his clumsy man hands, and he’ll rarely touch it without full instructions … Continue Reading →

(I don’t have to tell you that there’s a warning for boob and blood so don’t be an idiot, open it up, and then whine about how offended you are. In one image you can see a baby’s head emerging, but it’s tasteful: there are no full spread pictures because … Continue Reading →

I’m going to break up my trip into several different photo posts so that I can spit them out as I finish them, rather than keep you all waiting. We decided that maternity pictures and a belly cast were going to put Kathryn, now almost a week overdue (and two … Continue Reading →