Finding the mojo

Zephyra has developed this quirk in her language where her standard response to things is “What”. This is way, way more annoying than it sounds. I have no way of knowing if she’s actually asking “What?” or confusing it with another question like, “Why?” or is simply making some sort … Continue Reading →

This is a massive picture dump, and you should look at it because I really like these photos and I haven’t said that in a while. Also, I’ve taken some texture images and will put the high res versions up for other photographers and photo enthusiasts to download and use. … Continue Reading →

Now that I have [ all that bullshit ] written out… Related to shit, baby popped another two teeth and immediately broke out in a horrible teething rash all over her vulva and butt crack. This is the first time she’s ever had a legitimate diaper rash. The first poop … Continue Reading →

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Boy does she have her hands full,” on the breeze as I walk around the village, to and from doctor appointments, bakeries, drives with hysterical babies in the backseat, sitting in waiting rooms, or while attempting to dissolve a tantrum … Continue Reading →

We’re preparing to do another round of evaluations for Tempest’s Aspergers. I am pensive; after all the bullshit we went through before it’s not something I’m looking forward to, but we have a lot more support this time than we thought we would. I am cautious because the consensus is … Continue Reading →

Two mornings ago I woke up at 6am with some of the worst nausea I’ve experienced in this pregnancy, and a horrible GERD attack on top of it. It was so awful I was crying; kneeling on the freezing bathroom floor, begging some unseen force to strike me down where … Continue Reading →

It’s taken me forever to edit the rest of the images from Marika’s session; I finally got them done early this evening. It was so, so hard choosing the best shots of her: she’s so gorgeous and takes amazing photos. I had 140+ images of her that I managed to … Continue Reading →

I have a few random images from the last week and a half. Firstly from the zombie walk, which we actually got to participate in this year. The kids were absolutely stoked. Tempest had the best time. She spent the entire walk absolutely shaking in excitement, laughing and yelling about … Continue Reading →

I just realized that I never posted my other photos from the Colorado trip… I put them on Facebook and then completely forgot to post them here.

I’m going to break up my trip into several different photo posts so that I can spit them out as I finish them, rather than keep you all waiting. We decided that maternity pictures and a belly cast were going to put Kathryn, now almost a week overdue (and two … Continue Reading →