Strings and sealing wax

It feels a little weird to sit down and write things about Tempest’s life and challenges now that she seems to be in the midst of her pre-teen years. There’s been a major change in her personality over the last six or eight months, and it’s like she’s aged five … Continue Reading →

I mean really how many copies of the newsletter do I need

In the spirit of trying to write more posts, even short ones, when I have something I want to talk about rather than waiting a month to putt it all together… You know what’s really damn annoying about having kids of various ages in different schools? Getting those mass “class … Continue Reading →

Finding the mojo

Zephyra has developed this quirk in her language where her standard response to things is “What”. This is way, way more annoying than it sounds. I have no way of knowing if she’s actually asking “What?” or confusing it with another question like, “Why?” or is simply making some sort … Continue Reading →

Holidaze ’13

  Holiday season ’13 is officially done. It was an unexpectedly awesome season this year but holy crap there was just so much. So much. From the first night of Yule straight on until several days from now kind of felt like listening to 10 songs all at once while … Continue Reading →

The terrible horrible no good very bad move (to a wonderful, lovely new place)

This has to be the most hilariously unlucky move attempt ever. I mean, at this point I’ve gone far beyond the crying and shaking stage and am right into the hysterical laughter stage. Every one more thing wrong was like another pie in the face. Whenever I’m tempted to ask … Continue Reading →

An explosion of feels

Xan had surgery on the 25th to remove the little lump off his finger. They aren’t entirely sure what it is, but it’s probably harmless, so after taking him to the doctor (who then referred us to a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon or something) she decided to take it … Continue Reading →

Xan and Tempest playing back in early 2010.

10 types of kids at playgrounds

I don’t generally do joke posts, but I’ve been laughing about this phenomenon with Curtis for a while and finally figured I’d write it up. We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather these last few weeks, which means more frequent visits to the park and “water pad” (a playground that has … Continue Reading →

Apparently Mac isn’t just superior in overall stability and virus-prevention, but also in its resurrection abilities. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, Z spilled a cup of coffee on my Macbook pro (which wasn’t even finished being paid off) and it died. I brought it back to Futureshop where I’d … Continue Reading →

This week is a week if finallys. Z finally broke a tooth, and has been much happier since then. A few days ago now she woke up in the morning with her face bright green from the tip of her nose to her neckline covered in a wall of gelatinous … Continue Reading →

Mom is now completely moved out of our house, and is living in her apartment complex. There’s a bit of confusion from people about what exactly she’s moved into. It’s not a “home” and it’s not entirely correct to call it an “assisted living facility”. It’s more like a sort-of-assisted-living-apartment-building-and-community-of-seniors. … Continue Reading →