I mean really how many copies of the newsletter do I need

In the spirit of trying to write more posts, even short ones, when I have something I want to talk about rather than waiting a month to putt it all together… You know what’s really damn annoying about having kids of various ages in different schools? Getting those mass “class … Continue Reading →

The evolution of blog

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since ’99, and began my journey on a site almost no one has ever heard of called [ Open Diary ]. In fact a mirror of my blog still exists there today, and continues to be updated because I can’t bring myself … Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This is a bit of a random stream of consciousness, and I’ve gone back through it a few times in hopes I’ve tied my thoughts together appropriately, but there is always a chance I haven’t and something has been said that was inappropriate. Do not be afraid to tell … Continue Reading →

I've been asked over and over to comment on the Kony 2012 thing, and at first I was holding back because I didn't know enough about it. The campaign went viral pretty fast, and props to them for that. It's well made and it definitely does what it's supposed to: … Continue Reading →

I have the most miserable fucking head cold right now. One that can only be treated with excessive amounts of oxycodone and cheap tequila. It is 2:30am and I’m awake sniffling to myself, creaking and watching Bad Lip Reading on YouTube (which you should really check out, just sayin’) First … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on sex: education, ideas, bias and parenting.

I’ve had quite a few sleepless nights lately, including this one, not so much due to Zephyra as my own issues. I’ve had a lot of muscle pain, and it seriously interferes with my ability to lay down and rest… so instead of doing work or something else productive, I … Continue Reading →