The spring break that wasn’t

Today I’m extra thankful that my pharmacy is so devoted to creating a community and friendship with their clients, because these last few weeks have been absolutely fucking wretched and I went through a month worth of breakthrough meds in under 15 days. People are generally not allowed to have … Continue Reading →

Apparently Mac isn’t just superior in overall stability and virus-prevention, but also in its resurrection abilities. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, Z spilled a cup of coffee on my Macbook pro (which wasn’t even finished being paid off) and it died. I brought it back to Futureshop where I’d … Continue Reading →

So, on that break-in shit I casually mentioned during the introduction of the last entry. That was a thing that happened. I can’t believe this has happened twice now in Marika’s ex boyfriends. Though, to be fair, the first one was hardly a break-in. Ex-douche Matt just sort of walked … Continue Reading →

I originally wrote this on the 2nd of November, but then shit happened and I didn’t get back to it for a while. It’s been an extremely stressful crappy week or so, with the hacking shit, then Krazy went on another Krazy spree on Hallowe’en night because, you know, why … Continue Reading →

Photography post: Introducing baby…

These photos were actually taken some time ago, but we’ll pretend they were taken recently for dramatic effect. Introducing…

Just the usual

So, everyone can stop asking about the baby’s name. When I can announce it, I will. Until then, you won’t miss it. It’ll be written in bold letters on my blog’s [ Facebook page ] and probably on the latest blog entry too. Asking and asking and asking and asking … Continue Reading →

The grand entrance

Today the new one is eight days old. Jesus that went fast. She’s already gained like 5-6oz in three days; she’s gon’ be a fatty. I helped Marika give the baby her first bath in the Swova bowl, much like we used to bathe Zephyra when she was tiny, and … Continue Reading →

We have a new baby!

Marika’s baby girl, still unnamed as of yet, was born (vaginally, in hospital) at 2:42pm on September 17th after almost 18 hours of extremely, extremely difficult labour. She was the most incredible birthing warrior, and I cried so hard I’m still dealing with the headache. Baby is big, FAT, hairy … Continue Reading →

Krazy Gonna Krazy

I try not to talk too much about Krazy’s antics publicly, because I don’t like to give her any attention even when she’s not going to know about it… but sometimes she’s just so goddamn insane that we’re all left at a complete loss on how to deal with it, … Continue Reading →

It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s more like I can’t find the time to sit down and form everything together. Lots of little things happen that I want to write about, but I think to myself, “That’s too small and insignificant” and forget it. I seem to … Continue Reading →