Wherefore art thou

It’s been a very stressful… while. Everything just sorts of blends together, and after a while the constant state of anxiety starts to feel so normal that I forget when it started, or what started it… everything just feels fucked up in one way or another. While I was in … Continue Reading →

Overdue and rather inadequate

Eventually I’ll learn to journal regularly again. One part busy, one part embarrassed (for not writing enough), one part forget and one part lazy. The last month has been a ridiculous amount of medical crap, even for our family. When you live with any chronic illness or disability, medical crap … Continue Reading →

The terrible horrible no good very bad move (to a wonderful, lovely new place)

This has to be the most hilariously unlucky move attempt ever. I mean, at this point I’ve gone far beyond the crying and shaking stage and am right into the hysterical laughter stage. Every one more thing wrong was like another pie in the face. Whenever I’m tempted to ask … Continue Reading →

Every time I open up a notepad to write I feel like we’re at this awkward dry spell in our relationship where I’m trying to initiate sex after like three months of virtually no contact and can’t remember how to seduce someone anymore. Except instead of a person I’m trying … Continue Reading →

Quick court update

I couldn’t possibly wait to post this, but boy did landlady ever hang herself today. While I know the arbitrator (who was a woman, and therefore seemingly far less likely to be naked in front of a computer full of pornography while on the phone) is required to stir up … Continue Reading →

Old updates and new photos

I’m way overdue for an entry but haven’t been able to write at all due to not having a laptop. I still don’t have one; I’m using Marika’s in little spurts to catch up on things, but generally don’t have it long enough to craft a proper post. After Z … Continue Reading →

So, on that break-in shit I casually mentioned during the introduction of the last entry. That was a thing that happened. I can’t believe this has happened twice now in Marika’s ex boyfriends. Though, to be fair, the first one was hardly a break-in. Ex-douche Matt just sort of walked … Continue Reading →

I originally wrote this on the 2nd of November, but then shit happened and I didn’t get back to it for a while. It’s been an extremely stressful crappy week or so, with the hacking shit, then Krazy went on another Krazy spree on Hallowe’en night because, you know, why … Continue Reading →

Social shut down

Tempest’s birthday party was last Sunday and literally one kid came. Almost all of my adult friends who were invited came and hung out, at least, but when it comes to kids birthday parties everyone knows that doesn’t really ‘count’ quite the same way (sorry guys, I love you but … Continue Reading →

Protected: Marika filter: letters from The Kult

  • By Babyslime
  • 13 July, 2012
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