Shampoo-free 10 years later (plus, FAQ version 2.0)

(It’s more like 9.5 years but I’m rounding). TABLE OF CONTENTS •   What is this no-poo thing you speak of? •   Why on Earth would I do this? •   What you’ll need •   Step one: baking soda •   Step two: apple cider vinegar •   … Continue Reading →

The necessity of compassion

I had two hospital calls back to back a few weeks ago, and they were dramatically different in how the staff handled the cases, even though the calls were less than 24 hours apart. Before I get into it, it might help to get some context on why I say … Continue Reading →

Childhood mental illness, and you.

I woke up to this amazing meme on my Facebook page, posted by Brother’s Wife. Don’t medicate kids for being kids because kids never experience mental illness and any problems they have are probably just their magical spirits shining through hooray! I hate shit like this, I really do, but … Continue Reading →


I've been asked over and over to comment on the Kony 2012 thing, and at first I was holding back because I didn't know enough about it. The campaign went viral pretty fast, and props to them for that. It's well made and it definitely does what it's supposed to: … Continue Reading →