Thoughts on family

Last week Z spilled a full cup of coffee on my laptop. It immediately turned off (by itself) and I flipped it over, unscrewed the back cover, took out the battery and cleaned up the few drops I saw and let everything sit out for a day on paper towels. … Continue Reading →

Photography post: Introducing baby…

These photos were actually taken some time ago, but we’ll pretend they were taken recently for dramatic effect. Introducing…

The grand entrance

Today the new one is eight days old. Jesus that went fast. She’s already gained like 5-6oz in three days; she’s gon’ be a fatty. I helped Marika give the baby her first bath in the Swova bowl, much like we used to bathe Zephyra when she was tiny, and … Continue Reading →

We have a new baby!

Marika’s baby girl, still unnamed as of yet, was born (vaginally, in hospital) at 2:42pm on September 17th after almost 18 hours of extremely, extremely difficult labour. She was the most incredible birthing warrior, and I cried so hard I’m still dealing with the headache. Baby is big, FAT, hairy … Continue Reading →

Of poetry and deeper meanings

So I finished reading my preordered, signed copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” by one half of the [ Vlogbrother’s ] duo John Green. People have been making these brilliantly stupid fan art pieces of God himself holding up the book, partly in jest but I suspect at least … Continue Reading →

Our breastfeeding journey with posterior tongue-tie

I think the big reason why I didn’t/haven’t resorted to formula or exclusive bottle-feeding through this whole thing with Z’s feeding is simply because we did not treat it as a viable option. It wasn’t, “either/or” with breastfeeding vs. formula, because that implies the two choices are equal… and they … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on pain and addiction

My mother and I have the same disease: [ ankylosing ] [ spondylitis ]. I inherited it from her, and she likely inherited it from her mother although she was never diagnosed as anything other than, “Crippled”. We both test positive for the HLA-B27 antigen which is present in up … Continue Reading →

The last ten years have been so dramatic, traumatic, tumultuous, enlightening, joyous, uplifting and amazing. They have seen the worst lows, the highest highs and everything in-between. I am a very different person now compared to the one I was when this decade started, let alone who I was before … Continue Reading →

An unbelievable number of people left confused notes after my last entry, wondering why I have never mentioned this dwarfism thing before. Several claimed to be long time readers who have miraculously never stumbled over this piece of information. I’m pretty sure I mention it regularly enough for most people … Continue Reading →

I was up until 3am last evening with Xan, dealing with a very unhappy anus. He picked up pinworms for the third time this year. I have no idea how the fuck this keeps happening, because no one else gets them (this includes Tempest), everyone has the same hygiene and … Continue Reading →