Little lost boys

Two days before Jericho’s birthday a tiny baby bunny appeared outside my back door, which is sliding glass leading into a small, but high-fenced backyard. I see the babies often enough in little groups around the complex, tiny ones don’t generally wander too far from the nest until they’re about … Continue Reading →

Uprooting (of several kinds)

So it turns out we’re moving out of here by the 1st. That’s about 7 days. A week is both an agonizingly long time, and seriously not enough time at all. Both of these things are entirely the fault of Curtis’ work schedule, as usual, because it means that 90% … Continue Reading →

The necessity of compassion

I had two hospital calls back to back a few weeks ago, and they were dramatically different in how the staff handled the cases, even though the calls were less than 24 hours apart. Before I get into it, it might help to get some context on why I say … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on family

Last week Z spilled a full cup of coffee on my laptop. It immediately turned off (by itself) and I flipped it over, unscrewed the back cover, took out the battery and cleaned up the few drops I saw and let everything sit out for a day on paper towels. … Continue Reading →

It’s not that I don’t want to write, it’s more like I can’t find the time to sit down and form everything together. Lots of little things happen that I want to write about, but I think to myself, “That’s too small and insignificant” and forget it. I seem to … Continue Reading →


I had a dream last night that T, a woman from my grief group, showed up at my door. I was surprised to see her; I didn’t even think she remembered where I lived. When I opened the door she was crying, and holding a small baby. She screamed at … Continue Reading →

34 weeks. Hurry up and wait. This is finally beginning to sink in, I think… I’m really going to have another baby in two months. Two months. Two fucking months. There’s a little person coming to live with us and she’s already right here just mere inches away from a … Continue Reading →

I was up until 3am last evening with Xan, dealing with a very unhappy anus. He picked up pinworms for the third time this year. I have no idea how the fuck this keeps happening, because no one else gets them (this includes Tempest), everyone has the same hygiene and … Continue Reading →

I’ve decided to try and do DePhoMo… I haven’t picked up my camera at all lately, I have no motivation, no desire and little inspiration. I feel dead creativity, and defeated in business. The last few months of being so incredibly ill with pregnancy put a hold on my work, … Continue Reading →

I often forget how therapeutic it is to vent publicly. I’m always hesitant to, because I don’t want to invite the usual response of empty sentiments – that feels shallow, and I end up worrying that my monologuing is taken as a cry for attention rather than a need to … Continue Reading →