41 weeks now. Just an update to say that nothing interesting is happening. Those 5-7 minute toe-curling contractions continued for 24 straight hours and then stopped. Yep. At about 2:30pm today they stopped as abruptly as they came on at exactly 2:30pm the day before. I had another afternoon nap, … Continue Reading →

First, old stuff I wrote two days ago: Hey look at that I’M STILL PREGNANT. I realize this is premature, as I’m only 40 and 5, but I can still bitch and whine about it. All my pregnant buddies have had their babies already, save for one who is due … Continue Reading →

I have been pregnant three other times; I have carried a nearly 10lb baby three weeks overdue, I have had a posterior breech labour with a spine sitting hard on my tailbone, I have endured 44 hours of hard labour and over 70 hours awake without food while I did … Continue Reading →

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  • By Babyslime
  • 28 January, 2011
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One of my three nursing bras that I ordered two months ago from biggerbras.com came in today. They’re all on backorder, so I expected them to take a while. The holiday season decimated their supply, and for some reason everything over an F cup was sold out even down to … Continue Reading →

I am very seriously considering going back to school to become an IBCLC. This probably seems out of the blue as I haven’t mentioned it here before (or, if I have, not very often), but it’s actually been something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about since Tempest’s birth. … Continue Reading →

Last night I couldn’t sleep, which is a huge surprise since I never suffer with insomnia (har de har har), and instead of tossing and turning until 4am I decided to use my creative energy to try and take another one of those silhouette pictures I did a few weeks … Continue Reading →

Our exciting household

So, Marika has this ex boyfriend who started getting kind of insane after they broke up. He was weirdly controlling and verbally abusive while they were together, and used to constantly say he was going to break up with her and leave her in the dirt, blah blah… finally she … Continue Reading →

(I’ll get back on track in a minute, but I wanted to have this side rant about birth in our culture and how fucked up it is. While not really about my SIL, it’s certainly inspired by it). Cesarean is to birth options as thin is to beauty standards. Favored, … Continue Reading →

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me again and YOU’RE A CUNT. YOU’RE A FUCKING CUNT AND I FUCKING HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING CUNT.” – Curtis, on Krazy’s phone harassment this evening. As a plus, she identified us as “Marika’s guardians” at least … Continue Reading →