I was starting to feel a lot better lately; finding more stability and becoming more at peace with the change in schedule, reaching out to friends and talking more with people instead of hiding in my house all the time. Then we got a note from the government saying our … Continue Reading →

Childhood mental illness, and you.

I woke up to this amazing meme on my Facebook page, posted by Brother’s Wife. Don’t medicate kids for being kids because kids never experience mental illness and any problems they have are probably just their magical spirits shining through hooray! I hate shit like this, I really do, but … Continue Reading →

The evolution of blog

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since ’99, and began my journey on a site almost no one has ever heard of called [ Open Diary ]. In fact a mirror of my blog still exists there today, and continues to be updated because I can’t bring myself … Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: This is a bit of a random stream of consciousness, and I’ve gone back through it a few times in hopes I’ve tied my thoughts together appropriately, but there is always a chance I haven’t and something has been said that was inappropriate. Do not be afraid to tell … Continue Reading →

Well, that was fun. Upon coming home from the trip to Ontario, I decided to spend an evening relaxing before I start working. I Tumblr’d, YouTube’d and generally dicked around for a few hours before closing my computer and going to bed. When I woke up in the morning I … Continue Reading →

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? That post very quickly spiraled from, "Wow you have so much determination, that's awesome that you worked so hard!" to, "Here's a list of things I know you spent money on, you have fucked up priorities if you can't beg for money/spend/sell your possessions … Continue Reading →

What is a ‘shitty’ mother? What makes a bad parent in your eyes? Is it someone who doesn’t breastfeed? Someone who yells at their kids? Someone who hits their kids? Someone who won’t even have kids? Someone who has children while poor, or disabled, or mentally ill, or Atheist, or … Continue Reading →

I have been pregnant three other times; I have carried a nearly 10lb baby three weeks overdue, I have had a posterior breech labour with a spine sitting hard on my tailbone, I have endured 44 hours of hard labour and over 70 hours awake without food while I did … Continue Reading →


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  • 27 January, 2011
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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

An unbelievable number of people left confused notes after my last entry, wondering why I have never mentioned this dwarfism thing before. Several claimed to be long time readers who have miraculously never stumbled over this piece of information. I’m pretty sure I mention it regularly enough for most people … Continue Reading →