Every time I open up a notepad to write I feel like we’re at this awkward dry spell in our relationship where I’m trying to initiate sex after like three months of virtually no contact and can’t remember how to seduce someone anymore. Except instead of a person I’m trying … Continue Reading →

Lonely housewives. Not as fun as advertised.

I love my father, I really do. He’s kind and he’s intelligent and he’s funny and I love him. But sometimes he’s such a fucking idiot that it makes me want to scream. Sometimes I wish he would listen to me on occasion, but I fear my words hold no … Continue Reading →

Thoughts on family

Last week Z spilled a full cup of coffee on my laptop. It immediately turned off (by itself) and I flipped it over, unscrewed the back cover, took out the battery and cleaned up the few drops I saw and let everything sit out for a day on paper towels. … Continue Reading →

Surprise! (Because there’s always people who go, “OMG WHAT?!”: yes, that is Marika’s belly. She’s pregnant. She’s due in the fall. That is a bathing suit, and she is 18 as of these bathing suit pictures being taken/posted.) Marika is living with us again. This is probably more temporary, until … Continue Reading →

So much for the “write more” promise. I’m distracted and caught up. My head feels very full of fluff and I can’t pick anything out of it long enough to write it down. I feel like I’ve gone through an unbelievable amount of emotional weirdness over the last month, and … Continue Reading →

I’m putting this in another entry because I can’t find a good segue between this, and everything with it, into like… stuff about my kids. It just doesn’t sound right all together and I want to vent some of this publicly anyway.

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  • 15 March, 2012
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My mom, for some reason, picked up this antique mirror that she saw at a garage sale some weeks ago. It’s like six feet tall and only cost about $10. She has a thing for big old mirrors. Anyway, we have nowhere to put it so it’s been sitting against … Continue Reading →

Experiments in parenting

Baby Z has her first cold and an off-and-on fever that she’s working through. We gave her Tylenol on the second night after the first was far too hellish to repeat, and she was much happier (and less feverish) in the morning once she’d had a good night’s rest. Neither … Continue Reading →

I need to just commit to sitting down and writing more. Zephyra had her last at-home OT appointment this Wednesday with her speech pathologist and it went amazingly. She’s made so much progress in the last few months, it’s really incredible. At this point she has normal speech and oral … Continue Reading →