Last night was the first in a week that I slept… though I don’t know that I can call it a good rest. I had a long series of dreams that were disconnected and emotional. I think there were at least nine or ten, but most were made up of … Continue Reading →

Dream Diary: I had a dream we were living in some sort of run down apartment building rather than our current, much nicer home. It was filthy, loud, cramped and situated in the middle of what appeared to be the projects of a city I was completely unfamiliar with. Everything … Continue Reading →

Dream Diary: I had a dream that after an altercation with a driver who almost hit me as I crossed the street, I was blamed for their window breaking and deemed too angry to care for my own chidren. I was innocent: a stranger who had witnessed the incident had … Continue Reading →

Today I was banned from Mothering for telling someone that I thought it was against the rules to link to your professional photography (something I was issued a ‘warning’ for earlier this year when I actually just linked to images of my own kids). Anyway, I let someone know she … Continue Reading →

Dream Diary: I had this bizarre dream last night that I was riding in the back of some sort of giant volkswagon beetle with my brother and his (pregnant) wife. We were being driven by my estranged uncle, who coincidentally is visiting this week and I may go out to … Continue Reading →

Trying to balance a home business, motherhood and come-and-go illness between everyone in the house seems an impossibly large task. I try and set aside time for myself to work for 6+ hours a day, but I just can’t focus, or I become instantaneously exhausted. Curtis says I should take … Continue Reading →

We’re all a little family now. 15, 6 and almost 3, plus three adults and three cats. Two in school, three working alternate shifts; fighting for Facebook privileges in their spare moments. We’re raising a teenager 10 years too early, and everyone’s okay with that. As for the rest of … Continue Reading →

I am on methadone “maintenance” dosing, for pain, not heroin, for those new to this blog. Maintenance implies it’s a regular dose, several times a day, as I work toward finding a level that suits me; rather than occasionally taking some for emergency pain relief. I don’t often write about … Continue Reading →

My mood today was already fragile. I had a horrible, spirit-crushing nightmare last night that my mother had died.