DePhoMo #22: I didn’t take a picture today, so you get something from the archives. This is one of my favourite photos of Tempest as a baby, even though it’s not a particularly happy one it’s a pretty accurate reflection of our first six months with her. She suffered with … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #20 : Since Sunday, the baby has been active every day, throughout the day. It’s like someone flicked a switch to start him up. DePhoMo #21 : This evening my sister came out into the kitchen to talk to me in tears over her mother’s manipulative guilt trip over … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #17: My father was in a radio production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” all through last week, acting alongside some really fabulously talented people including a woman who was apparently a regular on “Queer as Folk”. I don’t watch the show, so I wouldn’t recognize her, but she’s a … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo 14: This letter was found in my purse this morning. Tempest had awakened some time before the rest of the house, come out into the livingroom, plugged in the tree and written up this letter… then went back to sleep curled up on the couch in front of the … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo 12 and 13

DePhoMo #12 : I finally got my shit together to do our photo session for the holiday card. I had several ideas that I wanted to try and bang out but by the end of the evening I was so exhausted I didn’t even want to try. This is why … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #10 : This image is suffering with severe lens distortion. While I do have a five-head (or seven head, maybe..) it’s not quite this macrocephalic. Adding a comparison between pregnancies. I feel smaller than I was last time (with Xan) but looking back it appears I’m around the same … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #9: Curtis and I went downtown today to browse at the school/teacher supply store for some workbooks for Tempest. We’ve decided to add a bit of homeschooling into her curriculum to ensure she stays challenged, as much of the work she brings home from school is way below her … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #8 : Next week Marika’s mom will begin chemotherapy and radiation for as part of her cancer treatment. In support, Marika shaved her head this evening and we did a photo shoot to honour it.

DePhoMo #4 : Curtis snoozing while I stay up late waiting for my pain med to kick in and my leg to stop hurting. DePhoMo #5 : An unintentional theme carries over to the next day when I take photobooth pictures of Curtis sleeping on top of me while we … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #2 : An attempt to do LC’s family portraits was put off after a day of ridiculous amounts of fail on all sides, continuously, most of which were out of our control. I got about ten usable shots at just past sunset on the darkest day ever and a … Continue Reading →