I wrote a big entry and my computer crashed in the middle. I lost everything except my links and quotes. Arrrghhh. It appears to be fall. September 1st came and the temperature fell 15 degrees, my arthritis became unbearable, my neighbors have crispy leaves on their lawn, and Curtis biked … Continue Reading →

So. Right. Busy and stuff. The thing with breastfeeding is coming to this weird head of, “Yay it’s a thing!” and, “Boo, it’s a thing”. Tongue tie isn’t her only problem, and is one of several major problems with her mouth that are all affecting her ability to feed properly. … Continue Reading →

Parts of this were written last week, this week and last night. I’ve been exhausted for weeks. Breastfeeding is harder this time around than I expected. After going through [ all that shit ] with Tempest I thought I had this down, but this posterior/lateral tongue tie is throwing me … Continue Reading →

Three. It’s so much more than two. I’m starting to adjust to taking care of three different age groups at once. I think. Tempest is out of the house by 8:30am if all goes well (and it usually doesn’t. She’s harder to wake up for school than Marika was – … Continue Reading →

I forgot how tired and busy you are with a new baby. Have I really done this multiple times? I keep having these “OMG WHAT DO I DOOOO” moments of new-mom-hood where I look at my other kids and realize I can’t remember how I got through their newborn stages. … Continue Reading →