Surprise! (Because there’s always people who go, “OMG WHAT?!”: yes, that is Marika’s belly. She’s pregnant. She’s due in the fall. That is a bathing suit, and she is 18 as of these bathing suit pictures being taken/posted.) Marika is living with us again. This is probably more temporary, until … Continue Reading →

40 weeks. Any time now, Fuzz. Really. Gettin’ kind of sick of you on the inside. Don’t care that Xan hung around three extra weeks. If you pull that kind of shit, I’m going to reach in there and yank you out. Progression thingymcjagger: The end. I’m not going to … Continue Reading →

34 weeks and I’ve definitely dropped. My belly looks almost the same size as it was 4 weeks ago, but the shape has completely changed. It’s easier to tell when you compare directly from my last photos. Seriously, look at that shit. Is that not the most dramatic drop you’ve … Continue Reading →

Dream Diary: I had a dream we were living in some sort of run down apartment building rather than our current, much nicer home. It was filthy, loud, cramped and situated in the middle of what appeared to be the projects of a city I was completely unfamiliar with. Everything … Continue Reading →

We’re preparing to do another round of evaluations for Tempest’s Aspergers. I am pensive; after all the bullshit we went through before it’s not something I’m looking forward to, but we have a lot more support this time than we thought we would. I am cautious because the consensus is … Continue Reading →

Last week Xan and Tempest were playing in their room at “quiet time” (the half hour before bedtime that they’re supposed to spend quietly in their room, but usually end up screaming, fighting, kicking, biting, punching and stripping naked instead), when we suddenly heard a thump and a horrific scream … Continue Reading →

I’ve decided I’m going to make a new “of the day”-style feature called “Adventures in hyperemesis” in attempt to make light of what is otherwise one of the single most miserable experiences of my life. Because really? This sucks so hard. I spent hours and hours last night on the … Continue Reading →

Thought of the moment: I’ve been sickish the last few days with a clogged nose and a sore throat. You know what I DIDN’T need to clear my sinuses? Projectile vomiting grapefruit juice through them for a half hour straight. I can breathe easy now, but I can smell only … Continue Reading →

Every time someone leaves me a note with some variation of, “You should write a book! Your stories are so funny/interesting/emotional/weird/etc!” I think about this bizarre idea I’ve had for a while about creating a YouTube channel where I put up videos with little dingy animations that act out interesting … Continue Reading →

DePhoMo #17: My father was in a radio production of “It’s a Wonderful Life” all through last week, acting alongside some really fabulously talented people including a woman who was apparently a regular on “Queer as Folk”. I don’t watch the show, so I wouldn’t recognize her, but she’s a … Continue Reading →