Yay it’s finally done! The birth story! That only took nearly two weeks… you’d think writing two hours worth of story would take far less than that, but you’d be wrong. Half-way through writing I got my birth pictures, which I’m happily adding in, so this entry also contains some … Continue Reading →


Zephyra was born at 4:25am after two hours of active labour. It was crazy, crazy intense: like trying to hold a rollercoaster back. Yowza. Now that I’ve had a few hours to sit and chill I feel way better. She’s 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. She looks insanely like … Continue Reading →

41 weeks now. Just an update to say that nothing interesting is happening. Those 5-7 minute toe-curling contractions continued for 24 straight hours and then stopped. Yep. At about 2:30pm today they stopped as abruptly as they came on at exactly 2:30pm the day before. I had another afternoon nap, … Continue Reading →

First, old stuff I wrote two days ago: Hey look at that I’M STILL PREGNANT. I realize this is premature, as I’m only 40 and 5, but I can still bitch and whine about it. All my pregnant buddies have had their babies already, save for one who is due … Continue Reading →

40 weeks. Any time now, Fuzz. Really. Gettin’ kind of sick of you on the inside. Don’t care that Xan hung around three extra weeks. If you pull that kind of shit, I’m going to reach in there and yank you out. Progression thingymcjagger: The end. I’m not going to … Continue Reading →

No baby, guys. You don’t have to poke me or nudge me or send me PMs about it. Trust me, if I for some reason wasn’t able to update my LJ to say I was in labour and/or the baby was born, someone would do it for me. I actually … Continue Reading →

Yo dawg, Curtis herd Xan liked bikes, so he biked to the bike store to buy a bike and then biked home with a new bike on his bike, so Xan could bike… … It didn’t end well. He made it all the way home without issue (and several approving … Continue Reading →

This entry is a pointless stream of thought through a fog of uselessness that is bordering on depression. I can’t bring myself to be that interesting right now. A couple of people inquired about the make-up I used in the last post. So for those of you who are into … Continue Reading →

34 weeks and I’ve definitely dropped. My belly looks almost the same size as it was 4 weeks ago, but the shape has completely changed. It’s easier to tell when you compare directly from my last photos. Seriously, look at that shit. Is that not the most dramatic drop you’ve … Continue Reading →

34 weeks. Hurry up and wait. This is finally beginning to sink in, I think… I’m really going to have another baby in two months. Two months. Two fucking months. There’s a little person coming to live with us and she’s already right here just mere inches away from a … Continue Reading →