Strings and sealing wax

It feels a little weird to sit down and write things about Tempest’s life and challenges now that she seems to be in the midst of her pre-teen years. There’s been a major change in her personality over the last six or eight months, and it’s like she’s aged five … Continue Reading →


The holidays have never been my strong point, and I tend to sort of absorb into myself to get through the month. The last few years have actually been mildly improved over previous ones. Okay, maybe significantly improved if I really think about it. There was once a time when … Continue Reading →

Give a little, take a little

Tempest has been having these wild mood swings lately that are as exhausting as they are frustrating. When she’s in the midst she’s red-faced, squalling and hollering at the top of her lungs like she’s 3 years old again and just wants to hear herself scream. I’m left rather baffled … Continue Reading →

Small adventures

We’ve been trying to have more outings as a family during this summer vacation, especially since Curtis’ work shift is so long and difficult that it means we pretty much never see him except on his ‘weekends’ (and we’re both so exhausted that we usually spend half of the first … Continue Reading →

Moving on

Tempest has this knack of hiding laundry when her chore is folding. Every so often we’ll find this little stash of socks, clean diapers and pants stuffed in a corner somewhere, or just shoved back into the dirty clothes so she can avoid doing it. Every time this happens we … Continue Reading →

Childhood mental illness, and you.

I woke up to this amazing meme on my Facebook page, posted by Brother’s Wife. Don’t medicate kids for being kids because kids never experience mental illness and any problems they have are probably just their magical spirits shining through hooray! I hate shit like this, I really do, but … Continue Reading →

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? That post very quickly spiraled from, "Wow you have so much determination, that's awesome that you worked so hard!" to, "Here's a list of things I know you spent money on, you have fucked up priorities if you can't beg for money/spend/sell your possessions … Continue Reading →

1. I am so busy. Holy shit. So busy. Curtis is working an epic work week of 10 days straight and it’s like I don’t even stop moving from ~9am to 6pm when he gets home… and then the evening rush starts and it’s ten times worse until Tempest is … Continue Reading →

Parts of this were written last week, this week and last night. I’ve been exhausted for weeks. Breastfeeding is harder this time around than I expected. After going through [ all that shit ] with Tempest I thought I had this down, but this posterior/lateral tongue tie is throwing me … Continue Reading →

Good parents don’t

I don’t normally choose to write about things that upset or unnerve me until I can look at it with humour, but this evening is an exception to the rule. Days like this make me hate campaigns for autism support that paint the experience like it’s some sort of joyful … Continue Reading →