Well, Yule was uneventful. As a was the new year. I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. I can’t tell if I’m depressed or ill, or perhaps a combination of both. The last few days I’ve felt like absolute shit and have wavered between a terrible migraine and wanting to … Continue Reading →

Yo dawg, Curtis herd Xan liked bikes, so he biked to the bike store to buy a bike and then biked home with a new bike on his bike, so Xan could bike… … It didn’t end well. He made it all the way home without issue (and several approving … Continue Reading →

Remember this picture from last year? Oh, how priorities change…

We’re preparing to do another round of evaluations for Tempest’s Aspergers. I am pensive; after all the bullshit we went through before it’s not something I’m looking forward to, but we have a lot more support this time than we thought we would. I am cautious because the consensus is … Continue Reading →

Curtis and my tenth anniversary is coming up. Ten years married. It’s really, really insane to think I started writing a blog here back in ’99, a full three years before I got married, and now I’m coming up on my tenth anniversary soon. How did we manage to be … Continue Reading →

This is not your Place

(The first 3/5ths of this was written while travelling back from Vegas, on the flights. The last part was written after several days at home) I am sitting on the plane wishing I had managed to save that writing that I lost some days ago. It’s frustrating to lose it … Continue Reading →

Curtis and I have spent a good portion of the “after kids are in bed, before sleep” time of the evening cuddled in bed around my laptop watching Youtube’d episodes of Lost. It’s been like that for weeks now. There is something exceptionally awesome about spending two hours before sleep … Continue Reading →

Curtis is home now. His incisions look really good – none of that oozing, grossness that would indicate things gone wrong. In fact they hurt him the least out of everything. The worst he’s gone through was the gas pain. Not gas like gas – gas just floating around in … Continue Reading →

The Story of us: Part two

This is the second part. Don’t read it [without the first], in the prior entry. I would have put them up all at the same time but I had not yet finished the entire tale and figured I would probably have to split it due to character limits. Also, this … Continue Reading →

The Story of Us : Part One

So many times over the last few years people have asked for this story; the story of how Curtis and I met and fell in love, and what it was like meeting him in person after never having seen his photograph. I’ve summed it up a million times, but haven’t … Continue Reading →