Wherefore art thou

It’s been a very stressful… while. Everything just sorts of blends together, and after a while the constant state of anxiety starts to feel so normal that I forget when it started, or what started it… everything just feels fucked up in one way or another. While I was in … Continue Reading →

Apparently Mac isn’t just superior in overall stability and virus-prevention, but also in its resurrection abilities. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, Z spilled a cup of coffee on my Macbook pro (which wasn’t even finished being paid off) and it died. I brought it back to Futureshop where I’d … Continue Reading →

Krazy Gonna Krazy

I try not to talk too much about Krazy’s antics publicly, because I don’t like to give her any attention even when she’s not going to know about it… but sometimes she’s just so goddamn insane that we’re all left at a complete loss on how to deal with it, … Continue Reading →

You know, when you have big milky breasts you can’t win in the “professionalism” department. It’s just never going to work. Not unless you can shell out a million dollars for custom-tailored suits or some shit. I spent two solid days going through my wardrobe trying to find something to … Continue Reading →

My mom, for some reason, picked up this antique mirror that she saw at a garage sale some weeks ago. It’s like six feet tall and only cost about $10. She has a thing for big old mirrors. Anyway, we have nowhere to put it so it’s been sitting against … Continue Reading →

Of poetry and deeper meanings

So I finished reading my preordered, signed copy of “The Fault in Our Stars” by one half of the [ Vlogbrother’s ] duo John Green. People have been making these brilliantly stupid fan art pieces of God himself holding up the book, partly in jest but I suspect at least … Continue Reading →


There is a lot of snow outside. School closed today, as did Curtis’ work. No one wants to be driving around today. I got out of the habit of regular journaling while pregnant with Z and feeling so sick. I think there were just too many days that were spent … Continue Reading →

Well, Yule was uneventful. As a was the new year. I just wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit. I can’t tell if I’m depressed or ill, or perhaps a combination of both. The last few days I’ve felt like absolute shit and have wavered between a terrible migraine and wanting to … Continue Reading →

Our breastfeeding journey with posterior tongue-tie

I think the big reason why I didn’t/haven’t resorted to formula or exclusive bottle-feeding through this whole thing with Z’s feeding is simply because we did not treat it as a viable option. It wasn’t, “either/or” with breastfeeding vs. formula, because that implies the two choices are equal… and they … Continue Reading →

I have the most miserable fucking head cold right now. One that can only be treated with excessive amounts of oxycodone and cheap tequila. It is 2:30am and I’m awake sniffling to myself, creaking and watching Bad Lip Reading on YouTube (which you should really check out, just sayin’) First … Continue Reading →