Give a little, take a little

Tempest has been having these wild mood swings lately that are as exhausting as they are frustrating. When she’s in the midst she’s red-faced, squalling and hollering at the top of her lungs like she’s 3 years old again and just wants to hear herself scream. I’m left rather baffled … Continue Reading →

Small Wonders Project: little book of secrets

I have always been enamoured by my mother’s vast collection of artifacts and antiques. She has little caches of them stashed all over the place; between her home, my garage and the basement of my brother’s house. Some pieces are nestled in tiny old cigar boxes, wrapped with newspaper and … Continue Reading →

The terrible horrible no good very bad move (to a wonderful, lovely new place)

This has to be the most hilariously unlucky move attempt ever. I mean, at this point I’ve gone far beyond the crying and shaking stage and am right into the hysterical laughter stage. Every one more thing wrong was like another pie in the face. Whenever I’m tempted to ask … Continue Reading →

Uprooting (of several kinds)

So it turns out we’re moving out of here by the 1st. That’s about 7 days. A week is both an agonizingly long time, and seriously not enough time at all. Both of these things are entirely the fault of Curtis’ work schedule, as usual, because it means that 90% … Continue Reading →

The necessity of compassion

I had two hospital calls back to back a few weeks ago, and they were dramatically different in how the staff handled the cases, even though the calls were less than 24 hours apart. Before I get into it, it might help to get some context on why I say … Continue Reading →

Small adventures

We’ve been trying to have more outings as a family during this summer vacation, especially since Curtis’ work shift is so long and difficult that it means we pretty much never see him except on his ‘weekends’ (and we’re both so exhausted that we usually spend half of the first … Continue Reading →

Every time I open up a notepad to write I feel like we’re at this awkward dry spell in our relationship where I’m trying to initiate sex after like three months of virtually no contact and can’t remember how to seduce someone anymore. Except instead of a person I’m trying … Continue Reading →

An explosion of feels

Xan had surgery on the 25th to remove the little lump off his finger. They aren’t entirely sure what it is, but it’s probably harmless, so after taking him to the doctor (who then referred us to a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon or something) she decided to take it … Continue Reading →

On pain

Everything’s been really up and down, and it’s hard to sit down and want to write about it without either feeling like I’m putting on a happy face or whining endlessly. Curtis’ promotion was awesome, but not at all what we were expecting. We talked about it for weeks prior … Continue Reading →

Xan and Tempest playing back in early 2010.

10 types of kids at playgrounds

I don’t generally do joke posts, but I’ve been laughing about this phenomenon with Curtis for a while and finally figured I’d write it up. We’ve been enjoying the warmer weather these last few weeks, which means more frequent visits to the park and “water pad” (a playground that has … Continue Reading →