Yeah, baby.

Someone tried to pick me up outside the store today…
I was wearing maternity clothes.  Maybe he didn’t notice. It was two guys, actually. One had a blind girl with him.

He actually used the line, “How YOU doin’?”, talked me up a little, got real close, then asked me for my phone number. When I told him I was married the woman with the other guy laughed at him.
I walked away and realized they were following about 30 feet behind. Curtis was up ahead. I signed to him, “kiss me” as I approached. Haha, that felt good.

I realized as I was walking home that the ONLY times in my life where someone has tried to pick me up, other then the Nester Incident, was while I’m pregnant… why is that? I got flirted with constantly during my first several months of pregnancy with Tempest. It was bizarre.
Someone told me that pregnant women are life-affirming and make men feel good about themselves and their abilities. My mother says it’s a glow.
It’s weird. I never, ever get flirted with. Not in school, not when I worked, never until I was pregnant. Maybe they all have pregnant fetishes.

— Babs



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