I went online to look up information about this movie, but couldn’t find any.  I assume it will come out within a year, maybe more.

While riding the ferry today with a friend of mine, we saw a dozen cameras and a large studio crew on the upper deck.  We accidentally walked onto the closed movie set while searching for some soda.  But, before we were shooed away we did get to see the actor’s ‘chairs’.  You know, the ones with their names on the front of them.   The movie is called “Lucky Seven” (with a hand-print between the words) and stars Patrick Dempsey and we’re fairly sure the lady along side him was Kimberly Williams.  Apparently, there’s a scene with them riding a boat.

Maybe if we’re lucky the directors made a sweep over the cars and captured the bewildered faces of dozens of ferry riders who weren’t told what was going on.  Curtis pointed out that since we’re all technically extras we should get paid, but somehow I doubt anyone cared…

~:) Babs



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