Hush, hush

Like an unusually great number of my friends, I’ve lived most of my life with sleep problems.  Living off 3 or 4 hours of sleep per 24 period for weeks or months at a time doesn’t usually phase me; I’m used to it.  Even waking up every 45 minutes, or an hour doesn’t bother me.  However, one thing I’ve never been able to do is survive being woken up every 10 or 15 minutes.

Over the course of the pregnancy I’ve morphed from ‘sleep like the dead’ to the lightest sleeper I know.  The motion sensor light on the neighbor’s house across the street will wake me up.  Curtis has hung a darkened sheet over the window, but it doesn’t help – it ‘glows’.

I wake up when the cats use the box, I wake up when Curtis rolls over, I wake up when I roll over, I wake up when the baby kicks… the list goes on.  In the past two or three weeks I have not slept for longer then a 20-minute stretch.  I feel like a zombie.  I’ve also lost the ability to nap, no matter how exhausted I feel.  I get up in the morning feeling as if I’ve been up all night, try to nap two hours later and end up somehow waking myself up more.  I’ve had this giddy nervous exhaustion thing going for quite a while now.

I would attribute this to ‘early practice’, but rarely do newborns spend an entire 24-hour period awake, and then never sleep longer then 10-minute cat naps.   I talked to Maggie about it, and she predicts I’ll have very little trouble adjusting to a newborn’s sleeping rhythm – and may even get better sleep then I’m getting currently.  I think her theory is based on being perpetually exhausted from care-taking and recovery from birth allowing me to fall asleep a little easier.

At this point I feel like locking myself in a soundproof closet somewhere and hoping for the best.  Even one  nice two-hour stretch would make me feel ten times better.

Oh well, either I’ll get used to it and be pleasantly surprised at my baby’s sleeping habits – or I’ll eventually get so exhausted I’ll pass out and sleep for days.

~:) Babs



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