Apparently there’s a fine line between paranoid scitzophrenia, and curious wildlife.  

My mother came over here the other day all riled up because she thought someone had started walking around the outside of the house knocking on windows.  She heard people talking, and was sure it was Karen (a notorious thief/drug-user that has it in for her because when she tried to pin a theft on my mother, it didn’t hold up long enough to get to court).  She would have thought she was hallucinating, except that she saw a car with it’s lights on parked in the driveway, and when she had her head out she heard someone say, “Oh shit, someone’s home!” then the car’s lights went off.  

By 3am she could still hear them there, and she had locked all the doors and windows and sat up in the livingroom clutching an axe.  She had no intent of using it, she can’t even wield something that heavy after her back injury, but it just made her feel safer.   I’m sure any potential threat would be frightened away by the axe-wielding, diabetic, disabled senior curled in bed with her aging Siamese cat…

She re-told all of this to me the following morning, feeling very unnerved because she wasn’t sure what had happened.  She went to her psych appointment that afternoon, and her psych told her to have Curtis and I move into the main house ASAP because she shouldn’t be alone.  There’s no phone there, and she’s just been put on a new medication that lowers her blood sugar to 2, even after eating a huge bowl of ice cream in a desperate attempt to raise it.  Extended low blood sugar has been known to cause hallucinations, which is essentially what her psyche told her had happened.  But I’ve seen her almost fall into a diabetic coma from low blood sugar, and any ‘hallucinations’ she’s had from an attack have never been that detailed and she’s always had a good grasp on what’s happening.   She was ready to accept the idea that she’d gone momentarily insane until her and a friend walked around the house and found footprints, and a pile of fresh cigarette butts.  

Her friend stayed there with her until late evening, helping to tidy up, and they heard the loud knocking footprints around the house, along with a car pulling up and people talking.  

Turns out there are a pair of drunken teenagers living down the street, who mistook our driveway for theirs, and then come over by the place to smoke so 1) their parents won’t catch them and 2) because they thought no one was occupying it.  The footsteps were a pair of deer who were curiously wandering the wrap-around porch looking for something to munch.

At least we know she’s not crazy.

~:) Babs



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