It started snowing at four o’clock this afternoon. It’s midnight now and it still hasn’t stopped. We’ve got a good six or seven inches out there; the most snow so far this season. I went out with my camera at midnight, part of me scared it would lock up and break forever in the cold, not unlike my purple fingers. But it was worth it.

F3.2, 400iso, 2 second exposure. I’m still playing with settings.

The long exposure screwed up the smoke coming out of the neighbor’s chimney. I tried taking this photo in colour, but colour really, really doesn’t work for snow most of the time. Doubly so at night.

I like the trees in the background on this one, they look like ghosts.

Tree in the neighbor’s yard.

Skyline. I can’t believe this picked up the clouds. At midnight. I can’t even see the clouds.



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