Pool Shark

I’ve recently become addicted to Yahoo! Pool, I was up last night playing for a few hours when insomnia struck me.  You meet some real gems when you start accepting random invites.

In one game, a young man (according to his profile) told me I was sexy.  I asked him how he knew this, and he reminded me I had a wedding photo on my profile.  A moment later he asked if I was married.   I told him he’d have to figure that out by himself.  

Some time later another player said outright, “So, you’re married?  I saw your pic.”  I said yes, and made a comment on how some people seemed oblivious to it despite that it was written on my profile.  

“Speak english, please,” he replied.  I told him I was speaking English.  

“No, say it in English.”  

“It is in English.”  

“Then what does obvlious mean?” he said, (that is how he spelled it, like saying “obvious” with a numbed tongue).   The guy’s profile said he was in his mid-20’s, is it too much for me to expect that he know the word “oblivious” is from the English language?

One person started off a match by saying he couldn’t see the photo on my profile, so I should start sending him some.  I politely declined.  He seemed aggravated, and asked what I looked like.  “Short reddish hair, green eyes, very short” I said.  He immediately left the game.

When I played a bit this morning while waiting for an Ebay auction to close, I did terribly.  I lost two games in a row, and while playing a third I was too distracted by my auction (which I won, woohoo!) to shoot very well.  The guy I was playing against had said nothing throughout the game (he was doing equally bad), until commenting, “I can tell you’re from Canada.  You all play like that.”  
I told him he should be careful saying such things, he could offend someone.  I was playing badly because I was a beginner, and distracted, not because I was Canadian.  He said he didn’t care [about offending me], that he simply hated my ‘kind’.  
I told him to please cancel the game, which he did.

I’m starting to think only assholes and idiots play Yahoo! Pool.

— Babs



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  • ruethee says:

    I’ve had insomnia off-and-on for as long as I can remember. I also suffer from a chronic pain condition called myofasciitis that has affected my body in some very odd ways. What causes your chronic pain?

    Also, many people on Yahoo! games are total idiots. Sometimes when Yahoo! people send me messages I bait them and then post the conversations on LJ.

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