Ebay Killjoy

When buying on Ebay, isn’t the point to get a deal?  I’ve been bidding on various baby and maternity stuff for the last few weeks (won three things so far, two are in the mail) and have been really aggravated by some bidders.  

Lets take an item like two cloth diapers, retailing for $13US a piece.  If I bought brand new from a store, it would cost me $26 US, so for two that are second-hand and in good condition, I’m not going to bid over about $20.  I found three similar auctions for a particular diaper I’m about to buy a dozen of from a retailer close to here, and decided to bid a reasonable amount.  Within the last few hours the same person went to all three and outbid me.  Then they continued to battle with another bidder until one of them finally won with a closing bid of about $30 for two, $32 for another two.   GO BUY FROM A STORE.

You are totally defeating the point of Ebay if you’re going to end up paying MORE then original retail, not including the large amount of shipping and handling you’re forking over because of the weight of the boxes.

Morons, all of you.

~:) Babs



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