My father is applying for jobs all over as a teacher, since there have been so many layoffs in the area it’s hopless trying to get one here. He has one very promising offer. It pays well, and is a position for an advanced drama course open to everyone (not just students) but held at a highschool. It’s a specialized program, and people have to pay to get in, which goes toward his salary.
The chances of him getting this job are higher then his other offers so far.  But guess where it is?

The island.

Seriously. Just as everyone moved off, he may be moving back. I told him that was crazy, my mother wished him luck finding a house.
Though, I do hope he gets it. Not just for the opportunity, but because I know he misses that place too, even though he wouldn’t admit it.

It cooled down today. It rained, and thundered, and was generally lovely weather. I’m so happy it’s not 97 degrees in the bedroom anymore. I died four times over.

I know that last night I had something important to write, and I was thinking about it as I went to bed, and now I’ve forgotten.  I would try standing on my head to remember, but I’ve been sick this evening and it’s not that bright an idea.

I bled, or spotted really, until today after the IUD was put in. I know that’s normal, but after the first day the blood was bright instead of dark. I wonder if it brought on a period?… can insertion do that? I’ve never had a period that was so light I barely needed three pantyliners in the day. Mine used to be so heavy that I’d go through a super plus tampon with an overnight maxi in less then two hours. I don’t know what “light period” is.
I have been period-less since October of ’02. That’s a long time without a period. I am rather enjoying this reprieve.

On a semi-related note. I went through more boxes in the Second Bedroom Of Death, which holds all the boxes and crap we couldn’t think of a place for when we moved. I pulled out a bag of clothes, mostly baby clothes, that I hadn’t seen since we left The Island. They were all way too big, most were 0-3 month. I folded them all and prepared to put them in her ‘too small’ box when I pulled out a tiny onesie. She clambered in the bedroom, crawled up on the bed and layed down on top of the onesie. She smiled at me with her big, beautiful toothy smile. She’s so big, she’s like a mini-toddler. Hell, a little more confidance with her walking and she is a toddler. How scary. I looked at the tiny onesie that probably couldn’t even fit over her head.
My uterus ached.

One of the other things I found in the back was a huge bag of small stuffed animals that used to belong to my mother. She collected beanie babies, and then beanie baby-like stuffed animals (small and/or cute). Because she’s like that. I think my mother and I would have been much happier to grow up in each other’s time.
I dumped all the animals out on the floor and Tempest came crawling over at the speed of light, laughing in excitement (hence the picture). She’s taken a particular liking to the pink pegasus and the black baby doll with angel wings.
She dragged that to bed with her. Every night it seems to be a new something. Last night it was a scarf. I think she’s testing the ‘favorite item’ waters… She gave up the yellow teddy bear, still grabs the toothbrush, but currently favors a milk jug lid.
She’d odd, but I love her.

~:) Babs



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  • mommydama says:

    Long story short…I’m looking for info on the Ross company and their efforts to keep domperidone (sp?) out of American hands. Alterflame told me you might have some links or info on this. If you need to know more about why I want this info, I’m happy to share, but didn’t want to clutter up your journal too much. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      For crying out loud! (not you.)
      I just checked my email today and JUST got notification for this message. JUST NOW. TODAY. Along with about EIGHT other messages that various people had sent me on very old entries that I NEVER GOT. WTF?

      I’ve never seen this note from you before. And I realize now it’s like a month old…
      UGH. That’s incredibly irritating.

      I do have a link. This is a good one. I hope it’s not too late. UGH UGH UGH at LiveJournal.

  • mommajm says:

    While nursing my son, I didn’t have my period for 22 months. With my daughter (my current nursling), I didn’t have it for 26 months. During this winter, I thought I was pregnant, because I skipped 2 months because she had been so sick with bronchitis and ear infections and was breastfeeding so much. At one point, she would not eat or drink anything else.

  • mommydama says:

    My daughter Luci does the same thing with the different “lovey” every night. She is very attached to her blanket, but usually wants something else too. Along the same lines as the milk jug lid, she went to bed with a plastic doll bottle with no top the other night. Very weird.

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