I went in for the IUD insertion today. I’ll spare the details… it was traumatic. I don’t want to scare anyone else who is planning on getting one, but don’t even try if you haven’t had a prior vaginal birth – I cannot imagine how much more difficult it could possibly be. It took us a few attempts, I kept freaking out and closing up. The doctor eventually offered me some Ibprofun to help relax my muscles, but she only had children’s on hand so I had to drink an entire bottle. She left me alone to relax, and I sat there crying. I felt embarrassed, and just… bad. The time it worked I managed to do some really deep meditative breaths and I barely felt it. She praised the ibprofun, but I gave myself at least a little credit. 
She kept trying to distract me by asking me questions about my birth. She seemed shocked that I came from a place where we only had midwives delivering babies, and most births were at home or in the center (almost all water births). She literally said, “I didn’t know you could birth with only a midwife attending.”  You didn’t?  Hmmm.

I feel slightly crampy, but otherwise fine. She told me that because I have a retroverted uterus there’s a much higher risk of expelling it the first month, so I’m to have no sex (or anything equivalent) until she can check me again 4 weeks later and make sure it’s still there. If it is, I’ll be cleared for safe sex right on our two-year anniversary. How about that?

I have a few bad habits with how I speak, and not just the ones relating to being completely unable to communicate due to the heat (like telling someone to “play with the settings in their personal area” when I actually meant to change user info settings in a forum). I say things like, “The other day” when it was last year. My mother does that, and I’ve always hated it, and now I do it. It makes me so mad every time I catch myself doing it.
I also say ‘run’ to describe any form of fast movement. If Tempest crawled quickly, I say ‘run’, if the car went very fast, I say it ‘ran’. That bugs me, too.

I need to learn how to articulate a little bit better.

There was a story on CBC (CBS?) news last night about the dangers of childhood vaccines. They did a 10-minute expose about mercury content, and cited studies linking it to autism, among other neurological problems. It was a very anti-vax article. I was shocked to see it on television. Happy, but shocked.  They even mentioned how a child who receives their vax’s on time has 125 times the “safe” limit of neurotoxins in their body.
The only part that was annoying was a parent who said that mercury flushes itself from your body naturally and quickly, which is completely untrue (therein lies the problem of mercury exposure: it stays). But at least it wasn’t a reporter saying it.
I don’t have a right to complain anyway, they did an anti-vax article on the news. That’s pretty impressive.

I have trained my cats to stand on their hind legs with a visual command (snapping fingers in the air), even more impressive is that I’ve managed to train Moe not to put his paws up in the air when he does so. Chloe did that naturally.

There is absolutely no point to training them to do that.

I had a bag of treats leftover from god knows when, and they tend to do the prairie dog thing often so I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to have them do it on a command. Now they’ll do it with no treats, and sometimes without the visual signal. Woo. Talented cats.

I get so bored in the middle of the night, these are the things I occupy myself with. One day I’ll them trained to do my bidding.
…Or not. But it would be kind of cool.

~:) Babs



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  • sairyuu says:

    that’s weird, i didn’t feel my iud insertion at all. mine was put in at about 8 weeks pp. i also have a tilted uterus. mine *did* shift, but i just went and had the strings retrimmed.

    • admin says:

      I have issues with sexual trauma, and it’s incredibly difficult for me to relax, which is why insertion was hard. This is my second pelvic exam ever…

      A tilted uterus is different from a retroverted one. One is bent forward, the other is bent back. The bent back kind causes more problems. Ultrasound is difficult, periods are harder, back labour is more likely, conception is difficult (my cervix is above, not below, so getting sperm anywhere near the opening involves some funny positioning. The classic legs-up is counterproductive) etc…
      It’s supposed to correct itself after pregnancy, but it didn’t. Bah.

      How long postpartum did you have yours inserted?

      ~:) Babs

      • sairyuu says:

        it was just about 8 weeks afterwards. i was SO scared. but it felt like a normal pap.

        i always thought that titled and retroverted were the same. huh. you’d think at least one pregnancy book woudl haev said that.

        • admin says:

          Yeah, if you do it right after birth it’s ten times easier (so said the doctor…)

          I always thought that too, until I got an ultrasound about my ovarian cysts and the lady talked about how my uterus was retroverted and it was incredibly difficult to see anything. I asked if that was “tilted” and she said ‘yes and no’ then explained that ’tilted’ applies to a forward facing uterus, not a backward facing one.
          I remember googling it and finding little to no information about that except some people on forums saying, “I have a tilted or retroverted uterus” and not having a clue what they mean.

  • altarflame says:

    The IUD insertion stuff scares me. I’ve never had a vaginal birth. I wish I came from a place where midwives were commonplace. I’ve been seriously considering the mirena.

    I am annoying myself like mad lately by saying “like” WAY TOO MUCH. I have always done the “the other day” thing.

    I’ve also been thinking about vaccines a lot lately. We have a huge immigrant population here and a much higher than normal incidence of diseases that they vaccinate against. It makes my decision process trickier.

    And I have an incredibly beautiful, intelligent cat that I would go on about if I wasn’t so tired.

    I still want to form the community. I’m sorry I am slack. I’ll think about it and email you some semblance of a plan, tomorrow.

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