The most amazing thing happened today. Tempest went six hours without nursing, and didn’t even whine. I woke up with her crawling all over me, trying to remove my shirt so she could nurse while I slept. I checked my watch and thought it said 6:30am (which would mean I had around an hour and a half’s sleep), so after 20 minutes I decided it was close enough to 7am to wake Curtis. It was actually just before 6am, and I’d only had around 15 or 20 minutes of sleep.

He brought her back in at 11:30, kind of whining but overall still in a great mood and announced, “SIX WHOLE HOURS!”. She nursed a little bit, then crawled back out into the livingroom to join him again.

This child of mine doesn’t eat as often during the day, and though I have never once sat down and tracked her eating habits I think it’s somewhere around once per three hours or so, probably a bit longer if she eats a large portion of food. At night she nurses much, much more frequently and that hasn’t changed since newbornhood. She’s never gone six hours, though. I think that’s the most sleep I’ve had since before I got pregnant.

She went down for a nap around 1pm and slept until 4:30. No surprise, as she’d been up for nearly 8 hours. She hasn’t napped that long in… well ever.

While she napped, Curtis told me that when he first came out with her he lay on the livingroom floor playing and watching cartoons while she wandered around playing with her toys, as usual. He accidentally fell asleep, and when he woke up he realized it had been an hour or more, and he couldn’t hear her playing. He started to freak out just a little bit. He rolled to the side so he could jump up and look for her, and then saw that Tempest was curled up on the floor next to him, fast asleep.
She actually wandered over to him, then snuggled in and fell asleep.

I think that is unbelieveably cute.

It’s another first, too. Twice she’s fallen asleep while eating food in her highchair, but other then that she’s never randomly fallen asleep before. It usually takes me ages to get her down regardless of the time or how tired she is. She regularly boycotts sleep.
He said she woke up shortly after that because he moved around too much and she was partially leaning on him. She was probably out for a good 40 minutes.

What a precious father’s day gift.

~:) Babs



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