We had it all arranged that my father would come over here at 6pm so babysit Tempest so we could see the Harry Potter movie. I have a bottle of pumped milk, two kinds of fruit cut up and stored in special packages, the house is clean, Tempest went down for a nap, and we were all set.
6:15pm I called his house, and he wasn’t home. He’s always, always, always late, so I expected this. I thought perhaps he was on his way.
6:30pm I called and left an irritated message.
6:50pm, five minutes past the movie starting, I called and told him not to bother. He still isn’t home. I haven’t a fucking clue where he is and I’m really ticked off. If he ever shows up he’s going to get an earful, unless he has a damned good reason for standing us up.  I hate being angry when someone is paying you a service, but it’s the fact that we had it all arranged and we didn’t get so much as a “I can’t be there”. I hate it when people are that inconsiderate. *Edit: He is always late, for everything. Not once in my life has he not been late. As I told a noter already, the most late he’s ever been was 7 hours. No phone calls. I will only become worried if he’s still not arrived by the time the movie is over, or maybe an hour or so beyond that. This is not abnormal for him. Doesn’t mean I’m not still ticked, though.

I went to the mom thing this morning. Pigtails came late, and her baby beat Tempest up. Tempest was surprisingly good with it, and everyone commented on how easily she took the beatings. She just kind of stood there in stunned silence. She beat her back a bit later, and learned quickly that she can crawl much faster, so she stole toys from her and ran off with them.
She took two more steps, and everyone saw. *beams*

She was so sleepy by the time we were about to leave, she passed out while I was nursing her and I actually managed to transfer her to the couch without incident (a first!). She stayed asleep all of ten minutes, and then refused to nap again. I did get out the camera during that time, though.

When we got home, I played with the sepia filter on the camera.

I won a Baby Trekker on Ebay. I was looking for a backpack carrier, since she’s getting a little awkward on my front in the sling. I cannot master the back carry in the sling, I’ve tried a hundred times, I even have the instructional video. And she’s not a big fan of the UBW anymore.
All over Ebay there were those metal hiking carriers, almost every one being sold (at insanely low prices!) were Gerry baby carriers. They were recalled do to safety issues. I emailed several of the people selling and asked what make it was, and mentioned the recall. Two emailed me back, said they had no idea, and pulled the auctions immediately. Three never responded (and sold them to others), and one more said, “sorry, I don’t ship to Canada”. Personally, I think it’s a little irresponsible to sell a recalled product on Ebay… but that’s just me!

I want an Ergo Carrier, but it’s so, so, so far out of my price range. The Baby Trekker is too, for that matter, but the one I got (new in package) I got at a third of the normal price and I’m pleased with that. I wanted something I could have on my back, or my front, and she could fall asleep in – so this fits the bill.
I think if I had more money I’d be one of those baby sling/wrap/carrier addicts and have one of every type. I want a Batik Hotsling (or one of her Solerveil shower/pool slings!), I want an Ergo, I want a Hip Hammock, and maybe a Maya Wrap too. 
I have an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder, an Ultimate Baby Wrap, and a Nojo. I hate the Nojo, it sucks muffins. It looks almost exactly like the OTSBH, but it’s not. It really truly sucks.

If I had money, I’d buy them all. Them and cloth diapers. I’d make an artform of buying cloth diapers. They’re all just so damn cute.

~:) Babs



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  • housepoet says:

    cute pics.

    you should make yourself a maya wrap.
    That’s what my mama is doing for me.
    it’s simple and the patteren is on the site too.

  • curse you for posting sling links! now i must have one of those stretchy non adjustables!
    i’m thinking, maybe if i cut my ultimate baby wrap, i couls knot it closed and it would be the same thing? you know how that material is stretchy…? but would i regret butchering it when my next babe comes along? decisions decisions…
    the hip hammock is GREAT.

  • altarflame says:

    i have a kozy carrier that i adore. it puts isaac to sleep in minutes, and is the only thing i can handle carrying him in for hours, with my weak back. distributes the weight really well. grant was even carrying ananda on his back in it. http://www.kozycarrier.com

    i have two things i’m thinking of sending you guys. i think you’ll like them a lot 🙂

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