More Photos

I took two more belly photos today.  They turned out a little nicer than the one I posted in previous entry.

I look slightly bigger in these ones.  I think I was standing too straight when Curtis was snapping photos yesterday.  😛  It also could have been the fact that I’d been laying down on my back and napping for about two hours… I always look smaller when I wake up.

I also took some photos of my cats and the bird.  She played around on the bed this afternoon for a few hours while the kitties slept.  

The last few days she’s been terrorizing Moe.  Some nights ago she climbed on top of his back and began gently pulling his fur out, then would stop and watch for his reaction.  After a few minutes he just couldn’t take it anymore and stood up to try and shake her off.  She dug her claws in and refused to get off.  Moe jumped off the bed and frantically ran around in circles, the bird meanwhile flapping her wings in glee.  Eventually he gyrated enough to knock her off, then ran and hid.   This afternoon while she walked around on the bed Moe watched her carefully and made nasty faces each time she approached him.  She waited until he fell asleep and then began pulling out the fur on his paws.  Surprisingly, he didn’t wake up.

~:) Babs



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