Hide and Seek

Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed a lightening feeling in my stomach.  The excruciating backaches, hip pain and sciatica stopped almost overnight.  I’m also not getting up to pee 26 times a day anymore.  I’ve been told on numerous occasions that once you hit the second trimester your uterus will lift out of your pelvis, granting a few months of relief to all those problems.  Mine hasn’t only lifted, but almost completely disappeared.  I must have adequate room higher up, because where two weeks ago my stomach was huge, it’s now reverted back to the size it was about two months ago.  Even my mother pointed out to me that I’ve shrunk.

I can still feel the baby kicking.  Much more than I could before even, which I think has more to do with growth than the lift.  At night especially the kicks are strong enough to be felt from the outside.   But I feel the most movement by far when the cat curls up on my stomach and begins to purr.  I can’t tell if the baby likes or dislikes the vibration, but there’s always a strong reaction.

I’ve not gained or lost any weight in nearly a month, so I can’t blame the disappearance on bloating.  It’s a little odd to be told I’m “huge for x months” up until about two weeks ago, where it became, “Oh, you’re so small”.  I didn’t even notice how drastic the change was until stepping into the shower yesterday and catching my reflection.  
I have a feeling this won’t last long; the baby is close to six inches in length at the moment and in the midst of a period of rapid growth.  

Still, it’s a little disconcerting, to say the least.

— Babs



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