Article: Breastfeeding Ads Delayed

I’ve half-way been keeping up with the fight to have breastfeeding support
and awareness on the media. The last few articles I’ve seen are about how
formula companies are trying to put a stop to it, while at the same time making
it appear that they’re not.  It turns out that the promotes have pushed
through, and have started making up the ads to be aired later this year. 
However…. (emphasis added by me)

Breastfeeding Ads Delayed by a Dispute Over Content

Oh please.

“We worried it would give an impression that infant formula is unhealthy and potentially dangerous” Gee, I wonder where they got that idea from.

You can’t turn on a TV for 15 minutes without seeing ads about how fantastic formula is, complete with smiling happy babies and happier mothers. Read the fine print and you’ll see “Breast is best”, but really that’s not the aim of the ad, is it? It’s about damn time someone promoted breastfeeding awareness. It’s scary how many people don’t know the risks of formula feeding. Most of the people I’ve talked to actually think it’s nutritionally equal to breastmilk, some even think it’s better. Whose fault is that?

— Babs



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