You know what’s annoying? 

When the neighbor’s boyfriend parks is big-ass truck right in front of our livingroom window then leaves it running with the brights on.

When someone says to you, “When you have kids you’ll change your views”, then when you have kids they say, “When you have a high needs child you change your views”, then when you have a high-needs child they say, “when you have more experience and more children you’ll change your views”, then when you have more kids they say, “It’s easy to do that with the first two or three but once you have more you’ll change your views”.  How long does it take for people to realize you’re not going to change your views?  Then they say, “Well, if you had my kids you’d change your views”  – well I’m glad my kids don’t have you, then!

When the public library has an unlisted number.

When the cats track miniscule pieces of clumping cat litter into the shower stall during the night so that when you turn on the water in the morning they blow up into chunks the size of your fingertip and then you step on them.

When all your favorite shows get cancelled.

When people practice electric guitar. At 2am. And then sing.  Off-key.

When they have loud sex in the livingroom right above where you’re watching television and don’t invite you.

When you get a song that has no words stuck in your head. (frelling hobbits)

When you have ASDL internet, but your downloads go 4kb/s.

That’s annoying.

But at least the dog hasn’t barked today.

~:) Babs



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