Holy Guacamole

Last night was especially bad with the food-grabbing.  Once or twice she got her hand in my omelette, and got a taste of salsa.  She threw another tantrum when I refused.  I pacified her by letting her lick my finger, while she glared at my plate and occassionally lunged for it.  No amount of bright toys, nub or even dad’s goofy faces would distract her from my dinner.

After dinner I grabbed the pump and collected about 2.5 ounces.  It was the fastest pump session I’ve ever had, it took me less than three minutes.  I cut up the avacado Curtis purchased a bit back, and threw it in the food processor with the milk.  It came out like goopy guacamole.  Tempest saw me walk out with it and started throwing another fit, so I offered her a bite.  She went nuts.  She hoovered it down like it was candy.  I never put a bib on her, and didn’t need to wipe her chin because not a single drop got anywhere but in her mouth.  It was a huge difference from the applesauce experience, which in retrospect I think was mostly about the taste and experiencing a new thing rather than an actual want to consume food.  I haven’t given anything to her since until tonight because of that suspicion. 

She grabbed and shoved the spoon into her mouth before it even left the bowl, and tore it back out (empty) an instant later whining for more.  After she downed about an ounce in less than five minutes I stopped her because I was worried she’d overeat.  Curtis stood by watching with mouth agape.  He held her while I left to put the food away, and she cried.  I took pity and brought a bit more back out later and let her lick it off my finger.  She did that funny lizard lick thing, it was very sweet. 

So, she likes avacado much better.  For the next few days I’m going to watch her for allergies, constipation and the like.  I sure hope there’s no reaction, she went so crazy over this I’d love to give her the luxery of having it again.

~:) Babs



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