Bite Me

Friends and lurkers say Tempest may finally cut teeth within the next week or two.  Her teething symptoms come on strong for a while, then disappear before teeth ever cut.  Every time they come around we’re all miserable.  Once again her gums are swollen, once again she’s not sleeping (up every 20-45 minutes), once again she’s crying for hours inconsolably… she always gets ‘chewy’ around her teething time, but this is the first time she’s actually bitten us hard.

I remind you she has no teeth yet, just sharp gums.  The other day she was sitting in my lap and she leaned down and bit my wrist so hard she nearly drew blood.  It took six days for the red mark to disappear.  SIX DAYS.  She has no teeth!  She has some strong baby jaws.

At night she often grinds her teeth on my nipple.  It wakes me up with a shout every time, which in turn wakes her up, which makes us all miserable.  Thankfully, she hasn’t bit my breast as hard as she bit my wrist yet.  But I expect it at least once or twice. 

She won’t chew on ice, and prefers fingers over teethers.  For all who suggested, or what to suggest, I am not going to give her frozen hot dogs, teething biscuits or other food items.  Not only for the risk of choking hazard, but of allergy.  Hot dogs can contain preservatives, and some brands contain MSG.  My mother and I are allergic to MSG, chances are she’d be too.  Many teething biscuits contain gluten, sugar or salt.  For now, she’s relieving her discomfort on our knuckles.  Which is uncomfortable for us, but we’re willing to make the sacrifice. 😉

On another topic, she made her first sign with purpose today.  As she sat on the floor she fussed to be picked up.  I recognize the type of cry.  Curtis was sitting in the chair in front of her, and asked her if she’d like to be lifted up, he signed up as he said so.  She smiled, and signed it back to him.  He called me over, and when I asked she signed ‘up’ back to me.  I lifted her up and flew her around, and she giggled.  I was so thrilled.  I think this is the first sign she’s made where she’s aware of it’s meaning. 

Earlier today she signed ‘mother’, but it was babble.  Though, it is the first time we’ve seen her babble it before.  Maybe it means she’ll use it with purpose soon.

~:) Babs



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