Now that I have [ all that bullshit ] written out…

Related to shit, baby popped another two teeth and immediately broke out in a horrible teething rash all over her vulva and butt crack. This is the first time she’s ever had a legitimate diaper rash. The first poop she had after developing the rash resulted in the rash breaking open and bleeding even though we changed her within moments. She was left rather traumatized by the experience, and ever since that one horrible diaper change she starts crying as soon as we lay her down on the bed and get the wipes ready. This evening Curtis had to warm up the wipes, play with her feet, sing to her and drag out the change for almost fifteen minutes so she would remain calm enough to lay relatively still.
I let her have nearly two hours naked in the sunshine (through the window; it’s cold outside) this afternoon, just playing around in the den area of the upstairs. The kids got up there with her, started batting toys around, and Z was absolutely bursting with joy as she crawled back and forth from wall to wall, all giggly and nude. It was awesome. I pulled out my camera for the second day in a row and took photos. I’m proud of myself for this, as it’s been months and months and months since I’ve taken photos around the house without forcing it.

We’ll go through the oldest first.

Knitting stuff:
Tempest just recently outgrew the sunflower dress that I made her about three years ago (she’s been wearing it as a shirt the last year or so) and I figured that I could probably revise it to fit a toddler and hand it down to Sophie. I ripped out the straps and made four five-stitch icord “vines” with leaves on the end so they could tie together to create a really pretty stem sort of look. This was the final result.

Vines untied.

Vines tied.

And on a baby!

And a Saint Patrick’s Day hairstyle I worked on for over 45 minutes. It’s a shamrock, if that isn’t immediately obvious.

Do a barrel roll! This was hairstyle #2 that day.

Thank you [ Princess Piggies ] for giving my moody tween a reason to wash her hair.

Random image of D’Argo, probably being a shit. He’s been pretty good since mom has been gone. She’s not completely settled yet, so he hasn’t made the transition to over there. At first he was horrified she was gone and would spend every night screaming and wandering around the house aimlessly, but after she visited a few times and he realized she wasn’t gone he calmed right down. He’s a very easy-going cat, so once he’s assured that his world isn’t over, he’s pretty good.

Baby Z.

No pictures, please.

Yesterday I took the kids to their favourite park after a rainstorm, and there was a massive mud puddle in the middle of the road. Xan stomped through it and Tempest biked through it and asked that I take pictures of the waves she created (but not of her). I tried to explain that there was no way to take pictures of one but not the other, and she finally relented. Which is good because honestly I would have taken the opportunity to get pictures of her anyway.

Near miss!

Xan and his damn sticks. We get like five of them on every walk.

Curtis thinks he looks like a young Leonardo DiCaprio. The consensus on Facebook is River Phoenix.

Second time on the swing was a rousing success. She ‘sang’ to herself the entire time; it was adorable.

And from baby’s epic nudie time today.

Failed attempt at a kid portrait #1…

Failed attempt #45…. I gave up after this.

This is how baby crawls: up on her toes all bow-legged.

These two photos are to show Zephyra’s reaction to seeing her sister.
Picture #1 is Tempest coming up the stairs.
Picture #2 is Z’s face upon Tempest entering the room.

Face shots.


Zephyra and Tempest, while Tempest practices her whistling.




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