Sparkle Sparkle

I’ve had a dream two nights in a row now…

I’m lying in bed sleeping, when my mother walks in and wakes me up. She’s holding a pile of folded, clean laundry in her hands.  She lays it on the bed.  Then Curtis walks by the room, and he’s holding a folded, clean pile of towels in his arms.  I ask him where he’s going.

“I’m putting them away in the bathroom,” he says.

I get up out of bed and go into the livingroom, which is filled with bright, clean laundry, in neat folded piles.  I start crying and yell, “It’s beautiful!”.  I clap my hands, and then Curtis comes out of the bathroom and we start putting it away.

Then I wake up.  And I remember that our house is a total mess, because we’re moving, and it’s only half-packed, and laundry is far down on our list of priorities.


— Babs



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