Last week Xan and Tempest were playing in their room at “quiet time” (the half hour before bedtime that they’re supposed to spend quietly in their room, but usually end up screaming, fighting, kicking, biting, punching and stripping naked instead), when we suddenly heard a thump and a horrific scream come from Xan. Xan tends to be a drama queen when he gets hurt, and it’s pretty easy to tell when he’s forcing the cries out for effect… which is a lot. But this was not one of those times. Tempest came tearing out of the room before we could even get off the couch and said, “Something really bad happened.” That’s always a good sign.
Curtis ran in and found Xan curled in a ball next to the bunkbed stairs, screaming something about his back. He picked him up and brought him to the bathroom to inspect what he thought was a minor cut, but turned out to be a huge gash next to his spine that went deep enough to see fatty tissue. It looked like someone took a melon baller to his back. Initially we were going to take him into the hospital for stitches, but after some first aid with our home kit (which is complete with both allopathic and natural medicine: non-latex sterile bandages of all sizes, tapes, tensor bandages, a sling, antibiotic creams and lidocaine from the hospital, saline washes, sterile gauze, Tylenol, Motrin, arnica, tea tree, witchhazel, wound cleansers, body-safe superglue and more…) the bleeding stopped and we realized it looked a lot worse than it actually was, and because of the shape of the wound he would be unlikely to get stitches… which means we’d wait around for 5 hours in rooms crawling with staph just to get the exact same treatment we have in our cupboard. I cleaned his wound, slathered a sterile bandage with prescription antibiotic cream and taped him up with gauze.
Curtis gave him a dose of children’s Tylenol to help with the pain, and he cried for two hours before falling asleep with his head on my stomach as we lay on the couch together.

The next day he was a lot better, but changing the bandage was horrific. First of all, the gauze we had used the night before wasn’t the “doesn’t stick to wounds” kind and in less than 12 hours had started growing into the freshly healed skin in the worst way.
Secondly, the “non-latex, hypoallergenic” wound tape was NOT latex free. “Non-latex tape”, and “latex free”, are two completely different terms. If it says “non-latex tape”, it can still contain latex products in the adhesive and whatnot, which is exactly what happened with this product (3M Nexcare Absolute Waterproof wound tape, for those curious). We don’t keep any latex products in the house because my allergy is bad enough to cause anaphylaxis with prolonged exposure, and we consider the kids allergic until proven otherwise. We’re very careful about reading labels, but missed this rather tricky language.
So… now we know Xan has a severe latex allergy as well. After wearing the tape less than 10 hours his skin had blistered and burned wherever the adhesive had touched him. Taking off the tape was a nightmare: it took peeling skin off with it. The parts of his skin that was left relatively untorn was raised, covered in welts and extremely painful and itchy. So now on top of having a horrific wound on his back, he has a nice even square of burnt-to-shit skin around it. Thanks 3M for your dangerously misleading packaging!

Thankfully another two days passed and even the burned skin was almost completely healed over. The welts from the latex exposure hung around for a long time, but were going down at a steady rate. The wound looks fine and is healing very nicely. It’s still a little tender when we clean the area and change the bandage, but not as bad as it was a few nights ago. A few nights ago when we put Xan down on the couch to give it another peek he cried into his hands, “It will never stop hurting. It’s going to hurt forever and always! All the rest of the days! ALL OF THEM!” Poor little man.

Today it’s healed enough to no longer need a bandage, and looks like a regular cut instead of a wicked gash. The healing also means he can finally return to his swimming lessons, which he missed several of as a result of having an open wound… and that’s expensive for us because it means he’ll fail this round and have to have him repeat the entire course. No refunds, no make-up classes, no nothing. Which is doubly stupid because we had the lessons registered under the low income family program which means we didn’t need to pay full price, and though they offer private make-up lessons and guarantee that 1-2 will make your child pass the course so you don’t need to repeat it… there’s no subsidy for them, which means we can’t do them. Argh.

Speaking of swimming, we’ve been taking the kids up to the super pool a few times a month for family fun swims since we renewed our drop in passes. In the winter months it’s difficult to find fun things to do as a family that aren’t ridiculously overpriced, so the programs in place to help those who are in a lower income bracket are really helpful. Our weather sucks balls 6 months of the year and the kids rarely go outdoors at all during that time because it’s either too cold, too dark or too wet. We end up spending a lot of time drawing pictures, or going to the library, and there’s only so much of that we can do before it starts to get a little boring. As much as I hate pretty much everything about the USA, sometimes I’m jealous of those who live in Southern California where the weather always seems to be gorgeous and warm (even when it’s “cold”).

We have a number of pools in the city, including one about 5 blocks from our house, but they all suck by comparison to the one that (naturally) couldn’t possibly be further from our place: it has a self-contained water slide, a wave pool, a giant pirate ship, tons of pool toys, and all sorts of amazingly fun things for kids to enjoy.
All of my swim wear has mysteriously disappeared in the last year so we went down to Value Village so I could pick up a few mismatched two-piece pieces and put together a bikini. The only time in my life I’m comfortable wearing a bikini is when I’m pregnant; you have a perfectly good excuse for a giant gut hanging out and maternity swimsuits are ridiculously overpriced, (plus my breasts look much nicer in the top now that they’ve taken on a more round shape).
The wave pool is super fun and the kids love it, but I can only stand about one round of it – at best – before I get too nauseous to stay in. I ended up bringing our little point and shoot with us last time so I would have something to do when I have to step out and focus on not puking.

I am so huge and unruly.

28 weeks:

And I’m carrying so freaking high. Fuzzbaby is all up in my grill. I have to hold my breath when I bend over, I puke when I try and sit up, I black out when I try and tie my shoes…
I don’t feel that much physically larger than I did while carrying Xan, nor do I think she’s that much bigger than he is (though I do think she’s taller), she just feels like more baby because she’s always up in my ribs and my lungs feeling cramped and squashed.

The other day someone left me a note saying that my belly was up so high that I probably didn’t even need maternity pants. I laughed this off, as I’ve been in maternity pants since I was eight weeks pregnant and have never been the kind of pregnant person who can pull that shit off. I always carry so low in my that the swell of my belly practically starts at my vulva. Seriously. Trying to shave my bikini line from about 17 weeks onward is a special kind of hell.
However, I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy skinny jeans a few days ago and realized that other than the challenge of getting them up over my fat thighs, I could actually button them up without the slightest strain.
That’s how high I’m carrying.

I look larger in this pregnancy, but I think that’s just an illusion: I’m merely more ‘filled out’.

I swear this will be the final version of my comparison chart I post. I keep remaking it and remaking it trying to get a good progression going, and I like this one best. Mostly. Probably.

Baby hit a growth spurt, methinks.

Quotes of the Day:
#1 – I’m supposed to knit a few uteruses as gag speaker gifts for the upcoming ICAN conference this April. Today my LLL Leader and good friend, Ruth, forwarded me an email she’d received from a child and family health nurse who wanted kid-friendly (preferably hand-made, ie. knit) breasts for education and wanted to know if Ruth knew anyone who was an adept crafter. Of course, she passed it on to me and asked if I wanted to take the job. If the answer was yes, I was supposed to email this woman directly and let her know.
So I just emailed a total stranger to say, “I can make you a pair of breasts but I need to do some uteruses first. What’s the time frame on this?”.
Curtis, finding this exchange hilariously funny, adds: “Maybe afterward you can make a knitted penis and collect the whole set!”.
Bonus quote: I put this on Facebook, which prompted my cousin to respond, “If you sold them you could call your business Gen-Knitals”.

#2 – We’ve started getting Tempest into some classic anime, as well as our old favourites. Curtis found a place where she can watch Sailor Moon since I was itching to introduce it to her, so for the last week or so she’s been coming home from school every day and watching a few episodes. After finishing around ten she came up to me and asked, very incredulously, “So… is Sailor Moon really the messenger of love?”.

#3 – The other day while Xan was sitting at the table eating lunch I went into the bedroom to change my clothes. While I was half-dressed he called out that he needed his water, so I walked out in pants and a bra and set a glass down next to him. He turned to thank me and ended up with his face in my belly.
“Oh my GOD!” he exclaimed, “Mommy I think you have the fattest belly that was ever there.”
Trying not to laugh too hard, I respond, “It’s getting pretty big! The baby is growing. Do you think this baby will be a big baby?”
“Mommy, I think the baby is going to come out as big as Yaya [Tempest].”

#4 – Xan never, ever shuts up. He never stops making noises, chattering, asking questions, telling jokes, singing. He’s like a one man show. It drives us nuts. Curtis was trying to do something, got frustrated with his constant interruption and asked him to stop for a few minutes so he could concentrate. The silence lasted about four seconds. Tempest, exasperated, yells, “It’s like he’s a crazy… talking… MAN, or something! He just doesn’t stop! It’s forever! He can’t stop!”.

Adventures in Hyperemesis:
#6’427: I had a hospital call early this morning for a session involving twins that passed away the night before. I always wake up sick since I haven’t taken my meds yet, and I called down my list of (qualified) volunteers to try and find someone to take the session for me. Not one was home. I called the social worker back and said I’d be there in less than an hour, swallowed a small bucketful of Zofran and Diclectin and took off. The drive is 25 minutes or more with traffic, and I haven’t gone that far from the house by myself in months because I’m so terrified of being struck with an attack and unable to make it home.
Fortunately, I made it there without issue. As I did the session, which was deeply emotional and very moving, I started to feel my stomach turn. It took every ounce of my strength to stop myself from throwing up… I’m already showing up to a session visibly pregnant, and that’s hard enough on the parents, the last thing I want to do is add insult to injury by having to run in and out of the room 20 times while holding their precious babies so I can throw up repeatedly. It just doesn’t send the right message about what I do. I considered breaking my ‘role’ for a moment to tell them that I had HG and that if I did start getting sick I swear to god it had nothing to do with what was going on, but I figured it would start becoming an issue of, “the lady doth protest too much” so I stayed quiet.
I ended up making it through without being sick, and the attack hit on the way home instead. Somehow I managed to get home without dying, but there was one very frightening moment on the highway going 110 where I realized that I was seconds away from uncontrollable puking, and I’m all the way in the left lane with no pull-over with no way to get to the side of the road in time. My life was flashing before my eyes as I thought, “Please god, if there is a god, don’t let me die in a car crash precipitated by my own vomit”. I really don’t want to think about my children saving the newspaper clippings about my death littered with bad puns about puke.

Links of the Day:
How to comfort a woman who has experienced a traumatic birth – A very good list of “do not”s and a few “do”s that everyone should see. However, those of us who have heard these words again and again may find it hard to read.
Goodnight, Dune – The classic children’s book revised for sci-fi nerds in training.
Cotton Babies – Is a cloth diapering and natural parenting store with tons of cool items and it’s having a really nice sale on 5-packs of [ BumGenius elementals ]. We were all set to spend on a pack of diapers until I found out they suddenly stopped shipping to Canada, or even allowing Canadian customers to reship to a USA address… so unfortunately we can’t take advantage of it. πŸ™ But, others may be able to.
Pregnant woman in FL forced into the hospital against her will; miscarries anyway – This is such bullshit. Guaranteed to get your blood pressure up.
Drinking diet soda leads to making other bad decisions“So, when someone drinks a diet soda, which is designed to trick the brain into thinking it’s getting a nice dose of sugar, the brain eagerly awaits an energy surge. When it never comes, panic alarms go off. The brain interprets the lack of blood glucose as a calorie shortage, and impulse is given free reign to get the body what it needs”




  • moistangel says:

    Maybe it’s the name. My X won’t stfu ever either. It’s so frustrating when I’m trying to study rawr! πŸ™‚

    Also hi. I haven’t commented in 300 years but grats on your pregnancy! πŸ™‚

  • sandokai says:

    That pool looks REALLY nice.

    I am pondering too what to do with the 6 months of winter– with us and the future child– now that we live in Pennsylvania. We’ve been here 2-3 years and the winters are not being used well or healthily. (Le sigh).

  • Anonymous says:

    Knitted things!

    Seemed like you would enjoy this story

  • admin says:

    YES! Totally worth it.
    We read manga online, and Curtis was reading it here:

    • robynz says:

      Oh snap! I just found this link you posted, and it looks better than the american one immediately! awesome, thanks for posting it πŸ™‚

        • robynz says:

          Do you think it would spoil the story if I read the manga first?

          • admin says:

            Yes and no. The anime is DEFINITELY dumbed down, even the Japanese original… and many parts from the manga are removed or changed. So while the ‘soul’ is still there sometimes it splits off to be two very different story lines.
            The manga and the anime end differently as well. I mean, you’ll know the outcome obviously regardless of which you read/watch first… but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it truly “spoils” anything. Though I do think if you haven’t read the manga yet you’ll probably like the anime better, and then reading the manga will make the experience WAY more awesome. It’s like seeing a great movie, finding out there’s a book, reading the book and realizing it was 10x more detailed and just… better. Both experiences were fantastic in their own right. Whereas if you did it the opposite way you’d still enjoy the movie, but probably not the same way because you were comparing it directly to the book you’d just finished. Make sense?

            • robynz says:

              Wow, yeah that makes sense. I don’t think I can stop reading the manga now that I’ve started, though. The version you posted is 10 times better quality and the dialogue is already way more interesting. πŸ™‚ I’m sure once the anime finishes downloading, I’ll end up watching it all first, anyway.

              • admin says:

                The manga is looooooooooooong too, so you’ll probably find it easier to finish the anime first.

                Do yourself a favour and skip the entire Pegasus arc in the anime. you’ll know it when it comes. It’s boring as shit, worthless to the story and character development, and NOT necessary. It’s like people say to those who get started watching Bleach: skip the Bounto arc for the best effect. I stopped watching Bleach for almost a year because of that fucking arc… so damn boring.

  • altarflame says:

    You are really good at not seeming to bitch about pregnancy misery. You recount it in this humorous deadpan way that I just realized has been making me feel all along as though it doesn’t really bother you; like you “love to hate it” and it’s super entertaining for you as well as your readers. This is obviously a misguided perception on my part. Although it is true (for me at least) that the more you go through pregnancy and newborn trials the more they seem temporary and transient rather than like eternal uncopable misery.

    • admin says:

      Sarcasm is my number one go-to coping skill for misery and depression. Truth be told I spend a lot of time sitting and crying because this is so miserable I kind of want to curl up and die; if I didn’t have humour as an option for venting some of that I think I would probably have tried to kill myself. My mom used to say of me that if I stopped joking about it that’s when she knew it was really serious. πŸ˜›

      And your last part: totally. Having gone through this three times previously it feels much more temporary. Even newborn woes don’t feel as bad if you’ve done it once before.

  • gardenmama says:

    I was going to say “Wow, the baby really had a growth spurt between 23 and 25 weeks,” and then I scrolled down far enough to see that you just said that πŸ˜‰ I’m still not convinced you’re not further along than you think you are or there are twins in there. I know you’re tiny, but that belly is huge! It’s hard to believe it’s going to get bigger!

    About Xan, both my boys are like that. Nick has absolutely no control over his mouth and chatters or makes noise from the moment he rolls out of bed until he falls asleep at night. Trying to have a conversation with him in the room is impossible. Scott has managed to find some self control over this (thank goodness, or he couldn’t function at school). If there happens to be a time when I’m home by myself, the silence seems … unnatural!

    Did you ever figure out what Xan fell on that cut him so badly? That sounds scary, and how horrible that he ended up reacting to the bandaging that way. Scott gets welts from non-latex bandaids too, so I’m thinking he reacts to the adhesive.

    • admin says:

      We’re 100% sure of the date of conception. πŸ™‚

      As for Xan’s cut: no we have NO idea what he cut himself on. We can speculate… I think it was the edge of the baseboard heater, but Tempest and Curtis think it was the edge of one of his toy shelves. Either way there was no blood or tissue or any residue on anything, and Xan doesn’t know what he hit nor can he accurately tell us how or where he fell. All we know is that he flew off the bunkbed stairs on purpose.

  • bluealoe says:

    Poor Xan, that sounds awful!! But I’m glad he’s feeling better, and you definitely handled it the right way.

    What’s the point of having non-latex tape if you’re going to put latex in the adhesive?! Presumably the people are looking for products without latex because they don’t want to be exposed to it…so putting latex is the adhesive completely misses the point. That’s just ridiculous.

    I have to laugh a bit when you refer to the weather being too dark and cold, because to me your weather seems incredibly warm and bright. (And I’ve been there in the winter, I still think it’s warm.) It’s all about what you’re used to, I guess.

    Heh, Curtis wears glasses in the pool? I know he’s almost blind without them, but how does he keep them from getting wet?

    I LOVE the picture of Tempest on the diving board, looking back (at you?). She looks so nervous, yet determined. Like she wants to do it, but still needs reassurance.

    To me it looks like your belly gets bigger with each pregnancy. I love the belly progression picture too.

    All the quotes of the day made me grin. Your kids are awesome.

    I’m assuming you made it home without throwing up? It sounds horrible. πŸ™ *hugs gently*

    • admin says:

      Dude, if Curtis doesn’t wear his glasses he can’t see A THING. He doesn’t keep them from getting wet, he just deals with it, because it’s better than being totally blind. He literally can’t see anything more than five inches in front of his face.

      Getting home: lots and lots of dry heaving, but thankfully no actual puke in the car. Thank god. I would NOT have handled that well.

  • briannablade says:

    OMG! Poor baby!!! πŸ™

  • medland says:

    This is a bizarre cheeky suggestion but could you possibly post a photo of your belly with your tattoo? Has it stretched? My bff is considering getting inked in a similar place to you but is worried that being pregnant will distort it. Thank you!
    I hope Xan’s back continues to heal. πŸ™‚

    • altarflame says:

      I am butting in cheekily myself here, but I just wanted to say that the way her tattoo is or is not stretching will be no kind of indicator for another person (or even another belly should Heather be pregnant again in the future). She is carrying SO HIGH and the tattoo is so low – I have five kids and they all gave me different stretch marks (fun times…). The kind of boy bellies she had might be doing something totally different to it.

      Also, though, Heather’s skin is REALLY REALLY elastic in a way that doesn’t translate to “all women’s skin” in the slightest…my entire abdomen is textured with overlapping stretch marks, you literally cannot find a place that doesn’t have one to touch…hers is obviously totally different.

    • admin says:

      It totally hasn’t stretched at all. It looks fine!
      Sure I can post a picture. I’ll get to that in the next day or so and comment it to you. πŸ™‚

  • altarflame says:

    It makes me really happy that you post so candidly about making controversial medical decisions (not going in for stitches, or for the latex reaction) because so many parents are just NOT COMFORTABLE making decisions of any sort for their children without Consulting A Professional.

    Also: It was so confusing for me, how you could possibly be going to a pool up there this time of year, right up until I got to the pictures. I’ve seen an indoor pool like once in my whole life and that didn’t even occur to me as an option :p

    • admin says:


      Also: bitch. No, really.

      Also x2: I totally would not have considered home care for a wound “controversial”, it’s totally weird for me when you put it that way. I mean… really? Nor would I consider the hospital for a latex allergy, even a bad one, unless it went into his lungs and it was clear his puffer wasn’t doing the trick. And I’m seriously a paranoid freak about allergies due to my own really rough experiences with them. I mean… what? Do people really do that? Do they bring their kid in every time they get a fever of 102, too?

      I don’t know. It was clear it wasn’t life-threatening, the bleeding stopped very quickly and the cut was not as deep as we originally thought. Plus, experience with our own wounds (as well as the head wound Tempest got as a baby that required an ambulance ride and dermal gluing, plus weeks of follow-up care at home) said that we could do the EXACT SAME CARE in our bathroom with our own supplies that were much safer to use than the ones at the hospital crawling with staph and various other germs. I’m pretty happy with our first aid kit, and I’m certified (actually that’s not true: my certs have since lapsed… but I WAS certified in first aid and AR, et all). We live like… 10 blocks from a hospital, our GP and 2 walk in clinics, it’s not like we can’t change our minds if it got ugly the next day.
      I totally do not get the attitude of having to bring your kids in all the time rather than having a well-stocked first aid kit at home and the knowledge of how to care for wounds and problems of all kinds, regardless of whether or not you take them in for extra care.

      I mean as a kid we lived way out in the middle of a damn forest and going to the “hospital” (which was more like a poorly stocked clinic) could potentially take hours to even GET THERE so we pretty much handled everything ourselves. You couldn’t live there and be a hypochondriac parent… it just wouldn’t work out.

      • altarflame says:

        Dude where I live people rush toddlers in every time they bump their heads on the floor “just to be on the safe side”. It’s insane. I mean this is the culture where your newborn baby is in biweekly just to get looked over for the entire first 6 months O_O

        To be clear, I am totally with you here.

        • admin says:

          We don’t even have that “well baby visit” thing that I hear so many people in the US talk about… can’t you have your family reported for missing those or some bullshit? That’s crazy talk. Here there’s no rules about bringing your baby in all the time. Vaccines also aren’t even mandated by government, nor are they “required” (in the way that you need some sort of form) to get into public schools. Getting Xan into a cooperative preschool had a vaccine spot to write in the info, but I just put down, “No vaccines” and that’s it. They just want to know his status in case of emergency so they have complete medical records. Same with Tempest. No one questions it, no one really gives a shit. I didn’t have to get any fancy exemptions, sign papers saying I’m at fault for any outbreaks in the area, or hold a meeting about it.

          The standard of care for a newborn is to have a final check-in at around 6 weeks and then you’re “let go” and revert back to your GP for emergencies and other needs. With a midwife they usually come to your house for that final one to say goodbye. It is TOTALLY WEIRD for me to constantly hear how doctor-centric the USA seems to be.

    • admin says:

      re: pool – did you SEE the pictures a few entries ago with the snow all over the place? Why would we be swimming outdoors in that shit! And then that whole thing about the stupid suicidal squirrels… I have that convo saved somewhere.

      • altarflame says:

        The snow pictures are why I was so confused!!

        And our convo with the poor dead squirrels centered around individuals not having their own home pools, I still assumed recreational community pools would be outside where, you know, swimming pools go. It’s very akin to having an indoor beach to me :p

        • admin says:

          I have only ever seen ONE outdoor pool at a recreational center, and that was on my childhood island when we had one built by the track. It was the most low budget piece of crap pool, but at least we had one. The only reason it was outdoors (and unheated) was because they didn’t have the funds to build a shelter for it. It was SO GROSS in the winter. UGGHHHH.

  • robynz says:

    Does Tempest enjoy watching subtitled anime? I am guessing that’s what you have got her watching because I am under the impression that you are crazy about Sailor Moon and the die hards are adamantly against the dubbed version.

    There’s a girl on youtube who learned fluent japanese mainly from jpop and anime. It would be cool if Tempest found a similar path!

    • admin says:

      We tried to get her to start with the subbed, but she refused. She’s watching the dub right now. It makes me cringe so hard. It’s just… awful. Just awful.

      However, we did explain to her why the subbed is different and more true to the story… about changes like making Zoicite a woman in the English to hide the gay relationship with Malachite, et all. Tempest was fascinated by that and after finishing the first season she said, “I think I could watch the Japanese one. I want to do the dubbed one first though… then I’ll watch the Japanese. And then I’ll read the manga, too.”
      Curtis just finished the manga for the second time and has only half-jokingly says he can’t bear to have her read it because it will CRUSH HER LITTLE WORLD. It’s very tragic.

      • robynz says:

        That is all funny, and awesome. Tempest amazes me.

        I used to watch the dubbed version on YTV when I was a kid, but I have always meant to watch the series as it was meant to be. I have yet to, but this encourages me to try and get to it.

        • admin says:

          It’s practically a different show. Then you’ll read the manga and it’s a TOTALLY different series.

          • robynz says:

            Is the american-released version of the manga the same? I sought out the torrents for the full series with subs, and ended up finding the manga, but it uses all the american names. Wondering if it’s worth reading while the series is downloading. What do you think?

  • gen_here says:

    I was following the forced hospitalization story when it first happened because that’s near where my in-laws live. But I didn’t think her pregnancy ended in miscarriage… I thought she ended up with a forced c-section. I’ll have to go back and read the other article (someone else posted a link to the ACLU site’s version of this story today).

    Regardless… it’s horrifying.

    • altarflame says:

      There are many stories like this here in Florida. I’ve read some variation of this tale half a dozen times since I had my last baby, and I do not read news consistently or go looking for it on my own…

      • gen_here says:

        No – it was this same woman – same name and same hospital. It was a link through the ACLU’s site, but I can’t find that same site or link… and the person I thought posted it wasn’t the one who actually did. I posted a little “Hey, whoever you are – give me the link again, please!” note… I’m hoping to hear something tomorrow. My in-laws are in Tally, so that’s why this one stuck so close in my memory.

  • mammaopal says:

    I am in shock at how big your pregnant belly gets. And it’s so BEAUTIFUL as well! Perfection!
    My favourite picture is your week 5 one. πŸ™‚ I love the color of your underwear with the lighting, and how it’s soft yet bright. Beautiful! Belly pictures are such a treasure! My 31 week belly looks like your 15 week belly!
    How is your tattoo doing? Has it disappeared under your pant line, or are these mirror images so they’re all lined up the same way?

    • admin says:

      OMG I love your photos! And wow I am in awe of how awesome you are for posting your nudes just… out there. I’ve been taking nudes since week 14 or so and though I *want* to eventually share them (I was thinking of putting a post together at Shape of a Mother in the end) it scares the ever loving shit out of me to think about.

      Tattoo: most of these images are flipped so my belly goes in the same direction each time. My tattoo has stayed pretty much in the same spot, totally unstretched.

      • mammaopal says:

        I have a pretty intimate friends group, and there’s a lot of trust there. I haven’t put any nude photos right into the public, and If I had the kind of following that you do, I don’t know if I could post those photos.
        On the other hand, I find that de-mystifying the plus sized pregnant body is pretty empowering. I was over 200lbs in those photos, and had never felt more beautiful! Sharing that feeling with unedited photos really made me feel good.

  • ozoozol says:

    Figures that my takeaway from the diet soda study wasn’t “therefore, don’t drink ANY soda” as the article recommends, but “okay, try to drink diet soda with food so the expected increase in blood glucose occurs.”

  • bolton_bunch says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your journal through my friends-of-friends page. Your journal looks interesting, mind if I add you?

  • Has your allergy always been like Xan’s or did it start out mild and get worse? I think I have one because in MA school, every time I used the latex gloves with powder, my hands got red and itchy but we weren’t allowed to claim an “allergy” without documentation and every time I showed her my hands after wearing them, she claimed the itching was psychosomatic and the redness was from me scratching.

    The hospital where I work now is latex free so I’m not around it anymore and hopefully won’t have to be, but I suppose I should get tested because it is an allergy that gets worse the more you’re exposed.

    • admin says:

      Curtis’ started out like yours: he never used to be allergic to latex, but after wearing gloves constantly at work he started developing red and peeling skin over time… and now he has an allergy.
      Mine was very bad from a very early age. I didn’t always know what it was I was reacting to, but I can remember having severe respiratory problems in tire stores, shoe stores and while standing next to my teacher when he had on a latex rain coat.

  • effervescent says:

    Cotton Babies – Is a cloth diapering and natural parenting store with tons of cool items and it’s having a really nice sale on 5-packs of [ BumGenius elementals ]. We were all set to spend on a pack of diapers until I found out they suddenly stopped shipping to Canada, or even allowing Canadian customers to reship to a USA address… so unfortunately we can’t take advantage of it. πŸ™ But, others may be able to.

    Ever thought about asking your f-list if someone would be willing to ship them up to you? You could just pay-pal them the money… You have a lot of people following you πŸ™‚

    Your pictures are gorgeous as usual, and wow, I love the belly pictures!! It’s interesting to see how different it can be from baby to baby… Do you think Fuzzbaby is bigger than Tempest was?

    • admin says:

      A friend already has. πŸ™‚

      And, thank you!

      Fuzzbaby is definitely bigger than Tempest. Tempest was my skinniest baby by FAR. Jericho had fat hands and a fat face, even at 34 weeks… Tempest? She was 21 inches and 6.5lbs and that made her SO SKINNY. She was tall, but newborn clothes were swimming on her because she had so little fat on her. And of course then there’s Xan who was just shy of 10lbs at birth. Even his rolls had rolls.

      • effervescent says:

        Awesome πŸ˜€

        I was wondering, looking at the pictures – but I didn’t want to assume just going by photographs.

        *g* When I was growing up back in Ontario there was this little girl at the church that my grandparents took me to – her mum breastfed her, and she was such an incredibly roly-poly little baby! Little wrinkles in the middle of her arms and everything. I remember people being all ‘concerned’ about it – and then she grew into a completely healthy toddler and proved all their worries about her mum breast-feeding her too long completely wrong. /random

  • jenrose1 says:

    I have no issues with latex. But 3m waterproof adhesive gives me chemical burns.

  • leahfu says:

    If I may suggest an anime Tempest might like: Princess Tutu. We rented the series for my daughter a few years ago and she LOVED it. She even memorized the opening theme in Japanese.

  • skyrose says:

    I knit a breast and a uterus the other day. One friend of mine couldn’t figure out why I was knitting a uterus. Even after explaining that they’re made for childbirth education, she couldn’t understand it and thought that it would be “better” to get a plastic store-bought one.
    I thought it turned out pretty cute ( definitely made the nipple too long and skinny on my stuffed breast tho (

    Your comment about the latex-free vs non-latex has got me thinking. I’ve never been allergic to latex (used to live in the gloves in nursing school), but I always have reactions to certain kinds of band-aids. I could never pinpoint just what in the bandage made my skin just bubble up and peel off in sheets, but I’m always very careful about sticking to the specific kinds I know won’t do that. (Tho I will admit that I used to carry some with me when I wanted to get out of something in school as a kid. Being able to pull a chunk of skin off of your finger that was as thick as 2 coins and probably as big around as a dime made people freak out enough to send you home). It never hurt when it happened, but I’m now wondering if maybe it’s a variant of the latex allergy? I might have to look a bit closer to that now…

    • admin says:

      Yours turned out great! I love the uterus. How long did it take you to make? I just bought the yarn for it today.

      re, Latex allergy: It may be… you can try a patch test to know for sure. Take a latex glove (the kind with powder is the most allergenic) and fold it up and use gauze and tape to stick it to your skin and leave it overnight. Check on it in the morning and see if it’s raised, red or you have peeling or hives. Any of those can mean an allergic reaction. An allergist had me do the same thing with copper when the waitlist for an official test for it would be too long.

      • skyrose says:

        Thanks. πŸ™‚ I was tempted to put a smiley face on it, but thought that might creep out my son’s therapists too much *lol*
        It didn’t take me too long. I worked on it on and off for about a day — so probably only 6 hours of work total. I did end up messing up part way through and had to rip it back out (tho I think that’s a requirement for any new project)

        I’ll have to try that with the glove. I’ve been able to wear them for the duration of cleaning or things like that, so no more than maybe 20 mins at a time, but the band-aid reaction happens at about the 1-hour mark. It’s really weird.
        If it’s not the latex, the only other thing I can think of would be the adhesive or maybe there’s an additive in them? Either way it’s frustrating!

        I’m about at my wits end with allergies. My oldest is gluten, casein, and soy intolerant. Just went and spent $70 for snacks and chocolate coconut milk “juice” boxes for him to take into school, which should last about a week. I’m still trying to figure out how to get a filling lunch packed for him to complete the food conversion. I can’t wait until I hit the lottery and can afford this… hrm.. I probably should play it at some point πŸ˜›

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