One of my three nursing bras that I ordered two months ago from came in today. They’re all on backorder, so I expected them to take a while. The holiday season decimated their supply, and for some reason everything over an F cup was sold out even down to the manufacturer.

As I opened the package and pulled out my I32 (fucking “I”) bra that had cups larger than my fucking head I realized I had ordered it way, way too large and it was never going to fit. Curtis came in just in time to see my horrified expression as I realized it actually fit me perfectly.

“Congratulations on getting half way through the alphabet!” he said, “One day you’ll make it all the way to the end.”




  • I just got measured and purchased a new bra and was stunned to find out I was a 40G! The amazing gal who measured me said that she was always miffed about how many women are NOT A-D cups, and how little options we have for buying bras! It doesn’t make any damn sense!

  • birthingway says:

    I am completely mesmerized by your icon.

  • I love that website. I had the exact same reaction recently except my husband had nothing clever to say. He just did that leering, lopsided drool face, thing…Men are goofy.

  • That’s… wow. Fucking “I” indeed.

  • waypastthat says:

    Saw this and thought of you…

    Hey Babs – I’ve read your journal forever-ever, but I only comment about once every two years. Anyway, I was perusing and immediately thought of you when I saw the title “Fran & SiobhΓ‘n’s feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding.” Not that you’re getting married or anything… just thought you would appreciate it. πŸ™‚

  • mybonnykate says:

    OMG mesmerization vortex. I am trying to decide between this icon and the ballet boob one. It may be a tie.

  • fallingwthu says:

    I feel for you, I do. I’m a I as well, and when I said I was at the local bra shop (downtown) they just laughed, then measured me (correctly) and nearly fell to the floor as I’m tiny framed, but I have massive boobs, hurts me a ton.

    and I like your glasses same shape as mine. Cool.

    • admin says:

      You’re local here, right? There’s that one lingerie place on Fort (out of an old, old house – wrought iron gate on the door) that sells bras of that/our size. Except the markup is fucking crazy. Before I knew I could order on the web, I paid $92 + tax for a nursing bra that retails $38 online.
      They have great service and a beautiful selection… I just can’t afford them. But if you can, it IS worth it.

  • Okay first off, it took me about a half our to read this because I would get to the other end of the line and be completely distracted by your icon. I actually had to cover it with my hand to get through it completely! It was hypnotizing! LOL!

    Second, you are to tiny, how is that even possible? I got up to a size 38E (I didn’t know that even existed before?! and now looking back it’s not really THAT bad!) with my first… I can only imagine your poor poor back!!!

  • I wear a 36H (sometimes an I, depending on brand). I am TERRIFIED of what pregnancy and breastfeeding will do to my boobs. Once we’ve had kids, these suckers are getting a reduction.

  • momlovesnoel says:

    We aren’t friends so I hope it’s ok if I leave a comment….

    This post was the best thing I’ve read in a long time. πŸ™‚

  • roguewords says:

    So this is me when I was preggo (EOiT is now 18 months)

    I got up to 40 G cup. I’m a 40 D.

    Before I had my reduction, I was a 38 I cup. But I didn’t look it. Long and dangly, not perky and huge. I also never wore the right size bra because I didn’t find out what size I was until the December before I had my surgery. I doubt I could have afforded at the time, because I was a very very broke college student.

  • I was a 36I while I was nursing my first. Those f*ckers HURT. I think I only got to a 38G with the second. I’m a 38DD now that he’s weaned. We’re thinking about a 3rd and I am terr.i.fied.

    Going to bookmark that site.

  • thehobbit says:

    I’ll be joining you shortly and if it makes you feel better this is my first kid (I was sent here by a friend of mine and I had to delurk for this, sorry).

  • When I look at pictures of myself, it’s like I’m a giant pair of boobs with a tiny head, big belly, and legs tacked on. How can someone be an I cup and not be a walking pair of boobs??? You look like an actual human woman in photos and not a rare case of elephantitis or a top-secret laboratory experiment from a campy B movie. How do you do that?! Maybe because I’m a 38 and you’re a 32?

    I’m a HH, by the way… don’t know if HH is the same as I, or before I, or what. I’ve never figured out the exact increasing scale of boob sizes because not all companies do DDD or double-whatevers.

  • chitanoni says:

    I think we need a picture (clothed or not lol) with something thrown in for perspective, because I cannot wrap my mind around an “I” bra. The recent silhouettes don’t really emphasize the size. Good god, woman, your poor back. πŸ™

  • _delphiki_ says:

    I was horrified a couple weeks ago when my nursing bras came in and fit. They are a K. I assumed they would be a little big for room for engorgement.

    • admin says:

      I’m worried about that too, but these bras seem to be very well made, and the cups look like they can handle a stretch of at least 1-2 cup sizes! Hopefully that’s true because I generally go up another 2-3 cups for the first six weeks.
      PS. I keep meaning to add you to my Flist and forgetting. Remedying that now.

  • duchess_k says:

    Dang. My ‘B’s stay that way when pregnant, nursing, or not…

  • meccahi says:


    Ok.. let me be the first lech to stay “pics or it didn’t happen”

    *runs away*

  • jenrose1 says:

    Remember for a moment that cup size goes up with band size.

    Got that? The last bra I bought was a 42 KK.

  • jeca777 says:

    THANK YOU for posting this. my boobs are around an H cup at the moment and a lot of places arent very affordable for nursing bras in plus sizes. i have the website saved!

  • timmytm says:

    You could shoot someone’s eye out with those knockers!

  • I was going to comment like 20 minutes ago but I think I seriously went into shock. It is hard for me to believe that it fits you! You are a very small person(why am I pointing this out to you, derp)… anyway, maybe I am just wondering about my own-I should really measure them and see what I am doing. I know my current bras are like a c or d cup but even pregnant I have never been over that! Bodies are amazing & everyone is different. It blows me away.

    • admin says:

      I was a D/DD cup before Tempest. I’ve gone up about 1.5-1.75 cup sizes with each kid. PERMANENTLY.

      • reme says:

        yikes. I had a breast reduction back in 2004. (G to a B! It was incredible!) When I got pregnant with my daughter in 2008 I went from a B to a D in like 3 weeks. Then when I got pregnant again in 2009 I went to a DD, where I remain today.

        I hope they eventually get smaller once I stop nursing my son but I am getting worried. Spending 4 years relatively flat chested for the first time since the third grade was freaking incredible and I miss it.

        • altarflame says:

          Just curious, if you feel like sharing: What was so incredible about it? I have DDs and adore them as part of my sensuality and curves, and have a major “boob man” husband, and never understand these sorts of comments. Was it about back pain or pretty bras or more a clothes in general thing, or – ?

          • reme says:

            Where to begin? I first started having to wear a training bra in the third grade at age 8. By the time I was in middle school I was a full C and everybody talked about my body, behind my back if I was lucky. I blew past D and DD in my teen years. By the time I was in college they were so big and painful it literally hurt me to stand up and walk around without a bra, and I got into the habit of typing at my computer with my boobs resting on my desk behind my keyboard, like a shelf.

            After college I got a job as a librarian, which meant I had to stop wearing oversized t-shirts and hoodies every day. I had a hard time buying professional clothes that fit me. People with boobs that go down to their belly buttons don’t fit into tailored blouses very well. My crazy old lady boss kept an eagle eye on my wardrobe and the whole thing was incredibly stressful.

            Add onto this a fair amount of gender dysphoria. I do identify as female but I’m a queer person and I often prefer a more gender neutral sort of presentation. The giant boobs were these epic beacons of excess femininity and really just didn’t go with my personality. When I went in to my surgery consult the doctor said he could do a full C and I begged him to go smaller. Even in the surgery room I remember begging the doctor to make them as small as possible as he was marking me up with the surgical marker.

            So yeah, life with relatively tiny breasts was awesome. They removed 2 pounds of tissue and when I came back to work everyone was shocked. People kept telling me it looked like I lost 20 pounds, because they were so ridiculously big and I hid them so well people thought I was a lot heavier everywhere else.

            As a DD now I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s not ideal but I can manage this. I still have permanent grooves in my shoulders and bad posture from when they were bigger. If I ever have a third kid in a future I will probably end up having another reduction once I’m done with the process, because I just don’t want to go back there.

        • admin says:

          I plan on having a reduction when I’m done having kids and breastfeeding. I want to go to a full C cup, which seems more appropriate for my body without getting rid of all my curvature (I have no other curves anywhere else, so I don’t want them *gone*, just more reasonable). I can’t wait.

        • I hope you don’t mind me asking, but as a 36 G who’s been putting off a reduction until after I have kids, one of my main reasons has always been that I know I see breastfeeding as very, very important, and I’ve read that a significant reduction can result in difficulty in doing so – Did you find that it had any affect for you?

          • admin says:

            I can pop in here and say that it varies, but success rates are much higher now than they were say… 10+ years ago. The LLL actually has a book devoted just to this topic, that many post-reduction BFers have found incredibly helpful. If you ever plan on nursing, with or without the reduction, I’d pick it up from the library. πŸ™‚

          • reme says:

            My surgeon said I’d probably have a 50-50 chance. I later went to a terrible OB before I transferred to a midwifery practice, and she told me not to even bother trying as she’d never had a BR patient who had ever successfully breastfed. (Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!)

            I ended up nursing both my kids. My daughter went for 8 months (until I got pregnant again, basically) and I did have to supplement with formula as my supply was only ever about half of what she wanted. Establishing BF with her was a real trial–I pumped after every feeding, took herbal supplements, drank beer and ate oatmeal every day, the whole nine. I’m still nursing my son at 10 months. I’ve had to supplement with formula for him too but much less so. I’m pretty sure I grew a lot more breast tissue with the subsequent pregnancy. I have a lot more sensation, too. (I couldn’t feel large areas of my underboob region for several years after the surgery. After two back-to-back pregnancies the area feels totally normal again.)

            Anyhow, this is all my own personal experience. Everyone is different. You could probably get a lot more useful feedback posting your question to the community.

            I will say that I’ve had bad luck with my local LLL chapter. The leader has no experience with BFAR and treated me like dirt for supplementing with formula. There are only like 4 or 5 discussion topics at the monthly meeting and I always make it a point to skip when “The Dangers of Formula” comes up in the rotation. For reals I am crazy committed to breastfeeding for as long as possible but honestly, formula is the reason I have babies and not corpses.

            • I’m sad that your local leader was such an ass about it. One of the best and worst things about LLL is that groups take on the character of the Leader(s) running them to some degree.

            • Anonymous says:

              Thanks, That helps… I figure that there were significant differences between individuals, and that some of the warnings are perhaps more overwrought then they need to be… however, I’m pretty sure that I can wait another few years for a reduction (and possibly a lift… :D) until after I have kids!

              • admin says:

                I’m pretty sure that part of the reduction IS a lift just through the nature of the procedure. I mean, they can’t just lipo the fat out, because your skin and shape would be completely disproportionate… so using the techniques they use today involves reshaping the whole breast to create something smaller and more manageable, which also includes a sort of “lift” as part of the package. πŸ™‚ Go Googling for before/after pics. I was doing that last night and was really impressed by how AMAZING the after results were on women.

          • Anonymous says:

            I had a BR at 23, and have had two kids since (I’m 28). I wasn’t able to nurse the first one for various reasons, but was able to nurse my second. The doctors talked me into supplementing at the hospital, but I believe if I hadn’t, I would have had a full milk supply. Your supply usually goes up with each pregnancy, so I’m hoping to fully bf my third child.

            If I could go back and do it all again, I would still get the BR before having kids. Although I’ve had a horrible time emotionally knowing I can’t fully nurse my kids, the surgery made a huge impact in my life. I had 5 pounds of tissue removed, on about a size 8 figure.

      • I’m a childless E cup and this information has made me terrified of having children for the first time in my life. Is that kind of increase typical?! :-/

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